2017 Election Related Resolutions

Resolution 2017-29908
Calling For A Special Election On November 7, 2017, For The Purpose Of Submitting To The Electorate Of The City Of Miami Beach, Florida A Ballot Question Asking Whether The City Commission Shall Adopt An Ordinance Changing The Current 5:00 A.M. Termination Time To 2:00 A.M. For The Sale And Consumption Of Alcoholic Beverages On Private Property At Alcoholic Beverage Establishments Located On Ocean Drive From 5th To 15th Streets, Exempting From This Time Change Those Indoor Portions Of Alcoholic Beverage Establishments That Are Completely Enclosed And Located Entirely Within Hotels.

Resolution 2017-29946
Calling For A General Election To Be Held On November 7, 2017 In The City Of Miami Beach For The Purpose Of Electing A Mayor And Three City Commissioners (Groups I, II, And III); Further Providing For A Run-Off Election, If Required, To Be Held On November 21, 2017; Providing For Conduct Of Said Elections By The Miami-Dade County Elections Department; Providing That Voting Precincts For Said Elections Shall Be Those As Established By Miami-Dade County; Providing For Notice Of Said Elections; Providing For The Forms Of Ballot And Registration Of Voters In Accordance With State Law; And Providing For Payment For Conducting Elections To Miami-Dade County.

Resolution 2017-29947
Authorizing Early Voting For The November 7, 2017 City Of Miami Beach General Election, Special Election, And, If Required, A November 21, 2017 Run-Off Election.

Resolution 2017-29948
Authorizing the Administration to video-record and air on MBTV the Mayor and Groups I, II, and Ill Commission Candidate Video Presentations for the November 7, 2017 General Election.

Resolution 2017-29949
Approving an expenditure of budgeted funds in reasonable and necessary amounts for the public purpose of informing and educating the voters of the City of Miami Beach regarding ballot question(s) on the City’s November 7, 2017 Special Election in order to achieve a more informed electorate vote.

Resolution 2017-29950
Amending Resolutions 2016-29642 and 2016-29694, setting the dates for the year 2017 City Commission meetings, by rescheduling the Monday, November 13, 2017 (election-related) City Commission meeting to Tuesday, November 14, 2017 and rescheduling the Monday, November 27, 2017 (election-related) City Commission meeting, if required due to a Run-Off Election, to Tuesday, November 28, 2017, to accommodate the County Elections Department following the City’s General Election, Special Election and, if required, a Run-Off Election.

Resolution 2017-29961
A Resolution of the Mayor and City Commission of the City of Miami Beach, Florida, calling for a November 7, 2017 Special Election, for the purpose of submitting to the electorate of the City of Miami Beach, Florida, a question asking whether the City Commission should adopt an Ordinance increasing FAR in the Town Center (TC) Zoning Districts (Collins and Dickens Avenues to Indian Creek Drive between 69 and 72 Streets) to 3.5 FAR from current FAR Of 2.25 To 2.75 for the TC-1 District; from 2.0 for the TC-2 District; and from 1.25 for the TC-3 District.