Homeless Outreach

The Homeless Outreach Team provides street outreach and operates the only municipal walk-in center in Miami-Dade County serving homeless people. In addition to providing shelter, the Team offers the following supports for people trying to leave the streets: identification document replacement, relocation services, short-term employment and job training, and support groups using the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People as tenets for personal success.


The mission of the Homeless Outreach Team is to support homeless people who are ready to leave the streets and seek productive, personally rewarding lives.

The City encourages its residents and visitors to refrain from supporting panhandling, a behavior that prolongs homelessness and undermines efforts to engage those living on the streets. Instead of money, the City encourages you to distribute its Are You Ready? Cards which provide information to its walk-in center.

In addition, the City urges property owners to discourage vagrancy and loitering by posting and registering with Police “no trespassing” signs that enable legal enforcement of those illegally intruding on their property. Trespassing behavior prolongs homelessness and undermines our community’s quality of life. Sample trespassing signs can be found here.

If you are interested in volunteering or learning more about what you can do to help end homelessness, contact us at homelessoutreach@miamibeachfl.gov.