FY 2025 Budget Development Process

This page provides an overview of the City of Miami Beach’s budget development process. The City of Miami Beach begins its budget process with a strategic planning process to identify the needs and priorities of the community, which provides broad goals that guide the City’s budget development process. These are combined with a preliminary projection of revenues and expenditures based on financial trends and analysis that continue to be refined throughout the budget development process until the final budget is adopted in September.

Throughout the development of the City’s annual budget, meetings are held internally with City staff and the City Manager, the Budget Advisory Committee, the City’s Finance and Economic Resiliency Committee (FERC), and the City Commission, among others, to obtain input and directives regarding the annual budget and its alignment with the City’s Strategic Plan.

Below you will find a summary of documents presented by the City Administration at various meetings regarding the development progression of the City’s annual budget.

Budget Development Calendar Download
Commission Budget Retreat Download
1st Finance & Economic Resiliency Budget Briefing Download Download
2nd Finance & Economic Resiliency Budget Briefing Download Download