More Introduction

Welcome to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB )

The City of Miami Beach’s OMB Department is dedicated to providing maximization and allocation of resources to achieve measurable results responsive to community needs.  The Office was created in 2004 by merging several existing entities within the City focusing on performance excellence by blending strategic management, resource allocation, performance management and revenue maximization.

A vital effort of the office is to effectuate the implementation of a results-oriented government focused on efficiency and service-orientation through the following anticipated initiatives:

  • Transform the City’s budget process into a results-oriented process, refocusing the proposed and adopted budget documents to emphasize programs, strategic intended outcomes, and their related performance measures and targets.
  • Increase grants and maintain recurring grant dollars received by the City through federal, state, local and private grant revenues.
  • Support the City’s change to a performance excellence culture by refining performance measures, aligning Citywide strategic plans and departmental work plans, using the plans to guide allocation of resources in the budget process, and promoting management and organization familiarity and understanding of these.
  • Maintain a performance management database to monitor status of performance measurement objectives.
  • Pursue additional efficiencies, cost savings and revenue enhancements through performance reviews, etc.
  • Increase and maintain the dollars received by the City as part of revenue maximization activities.