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The annual Citywide Work Plan and budget serve as guides for how the City plans to address community priorities in each fiscal year. The Citywide Work Plan contains initiatives to support the City’s Strategic Plan. The Work Plan initiatives are updated annually based on the latest survey results, socioeconomic trends, and department workload and performance measures. The Citywide Work Plan is used to guide departments as they analyze services and prepare proposed department work plans and budgets.

Consistent with the Miami Beach Vision, each department first prepares their proposed department annual work plan for the ensuing fiscal year to support the City’s strategic planning priorities and Citywide Work Plan. The Performance Plan component of the department work plans are the basis upon which recommendations for enhancements, reductions, realignments, and efficiencies are made, aligning departmental programs and activities with the City’s adopted Strategic Plan and Citywide Work Plan.

Historically, departments were given a target budget early in the process and each department budget submission was balanced to that target, resulting in a budget that was incremental and focused on line items rather than priorities. Beginning with the FY 2006 budget, the City implemented performance-based approach for allocating resources based on the City’s Strategic Plan and annual City Work Plan.

The Capital budget presents project budgets for both the current and new capital projects necessary to improve, enhance and maintain public facilities and infrastructure to meet the service demands of residents and visitors to the City of Miami Beach and is the first year of the City’s five-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The CIP of the City of Miami Beach is a five-year plan for public improvements and capital expenditures by the City, which is updated annually. The CIP provides coordination among projects in respect to funding, location, and time.

The City of Miami Beach’s Strategic Plan includes Management Objectives and Strategic Plan Actions to ensure the long-term sustainability of City government.  The City's Financial Policies adopted by the City Commission, help guide the City’s budget process and help drive improvement towards these Key Intended Outcomes.

The Office of Management & Budget is also responsible for various studies to ensure that costs are appropriately allocated in the City.

City of Miami Beach 2023 Full Cost Allocation Plan

FY 2024 Fee Schedule