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Welcome to the City of Miami Beach Elevator Safety Division

Under Florida Statutes, Elevator Safety Act, Chapter 399, Rule 399.13, The Elevator Safety Division has been delegated the Jurisdictional Authority over elevators, escalators, moving walks, wheelchair lifts and related equipment in the City of Miami Beach. Pursuant to this contracted authority, The Elevator Safety Division is responsible for permitting the installation of new and the alteration of any existing vertical conveyances, including all inspections and tests, to certify that the work meets the requirements of ASME A17.1 and any other related codes in effect at the time the permit application is submitted. Additionally the Elevator Safety Division is responsible to ascertain that the regulated vertical conveyances are safe for use by issuing an annual Certificate of Operation upon verification of an approved compliance inspection report and payment of fees.

The Elevator Safety Division is charged with enforcing Chapter 399, Florida Statutes (FS),  Florida Elevator Safety Code, Chapter 61C-5 Florida Administrative Code, Chapter 30 of the Florida Building Code, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators, the State Fire Marshal’s Uniform Fire Safety Standards (NFPA 72), portions of the National Electrical Code (NEC 70) and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Administrative support personnel located in the City of Miami Beach process elevator licenses, permits, and verify that local elevator contractors are registered and licensed. The Elevator Safety Division also maintains inspection, accident and complaint data for response and follow-up. Annual service maintenance contract status verification and Certificate of Operation renewals are also part of the Elevator Safety Division.

The Elevator Safety Division inspectors conduct complaint investigations; private elevator inspector oversight; accident follow-up; on-site safety inspections; and monitor licensees. Elevator Safety Division inspectors and pre-registered inspectors perform the required annual inspections and witnessing of tests. Only Certified Elevator Inspectors possessing Qualified Elevator Inspector (QEI) credential registered with the DBPR/Bureau of Elevators and pre-registered with the City of Miami Beach are able to conduct elevator inspections.

Per Florida Elevator Safety Code, Chapter 61C-5, Rule 61C-5.006(5) – Certificate of Operation renewal is the responsibility of the elevator owner or lessee, when owner responsibilities are specifically assigned by lease. It is the owner’s responsibility to make certain that any and all violations are complied with and annual fees paid to ensure that the Certificate of Operation is not delayed!

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Elevator Safety Division
1700 Convention Center Drive, 1st Floor
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
Telephone: 305-673-7225