Elevator Status Fees

Annual fees for certificates of operation and Inspection

Date Due: October 1

Certificate of Operation for each unit (mandated) $75.00
Monitoring/Jurisdiction fee $200.00
Renewal of Delinquent Certificate of Operation $100.00
Duplicate Certificate of Operation $25.00
Annual Maintenance repair (not to include major revamping) $602.00
New installation or major revamping per ASME A17.1 Section 8.7 – Building permit required (includes initial inspection and certificate)
Escalator installation, per unit $2,158.00
Hydraulic elevator installation, per unit (includes Fire component)
·       Up to three stories $1,154.00
·       4 to 10 stories $1,468.00
Residential elevator installation, per unit $1,213.00
Traction elevator installation, per unit (includes Fire component)
·       Up to three stories $2,218.00
·       4 to 10 stories $2,70500
·       Each additional story over 10 $100.59
Wheelchair lift installation (includes Fire component) $976.00
Removal of elevator from service $570.00
Repair and Maintenance
Repairs (Value over $5,000.00) per ASME 17.1, Section 8.6.2 $633.00
Repairs (Jack/Oil Lines) Up to $5,000.00 $250.00
Repairs (Cab Interior/Other) Up to $5,000.00 $250.00
Tests, Temporary Use, Variances and Compliance Inspection
Emergency Power Test (includes Fire component) $1,306.96
Elevator System Recall Test
·       Per unit (includes Fire component) $1,155.77
Temporary Use Permit $1,317.00
Temporary Use Permit renewal $100.00
Application for variances from codes to install or modernize equipment $519.00
Land Development and Permitting Fees

Ordinance Number-2015-3979

First Reading: October 14, 2015

Second Reading: December 9, 2015 Passed and Adopted.

Any elevator, escalator, etc., owner who fails to comply with the order to correct a violation issued within 30 days is subject to an administrative fine up to $500.00 in addition to any other penalty provided by law. Fines can be imposed for every 30 day period that the violation remains active. These fines, before or after paid, can be appealed to the Department Director or his designee whose decision shall be final. No clearance for the use of the elevator shall be given until these fines have been paid or waived.