Elevator Status Fees

Elevator, Escalators and Other Lifting Apparatus Permit Fees

Annual fees for certificates of operation and Inspection        

Date Due: October 1

Certificate of Operation for each unit (mandated) $97.00
Monitoring/Jurisdiction Fee $255.00
Renewal of Delinquent Certificate of Operation $129.00
Renewal Late Fee for Certificate of Operation , per unit $193.00
Duplicate Certificate of Operation $33.00
Re-Inspection Fee, each re-inspection $134.00
New installation or major revamping per ASME A17.1 Section 8.7 – Building permit required (includes initial inspection and certificate)
Installation of Escalator, per unit $2750.00
Installation of Hydraulic Elevator, per unit (includes fire component)
·       Up to three stories $1,472.00
·       3 to 10 stories $1,872.00
Installation of Parking Lift , per power pack $255.00
Installation of Robotic Parking, per apparatus $3,822.00
Installation of Residential elevator, per unit $1,546.00
Installation of Traction Elevator, per unit (includes fire component)
·       Up to three stories $2,826.00
·       3 to 10 stories $3,446.00
·       Each additional story over 10 $109.00
Installation of Wheelchair lift, chair stairs and dumbwaiter  (includes fire component) $1,244.00
Repair and Maintenance
Repairs (Value over $5,000.00) per ASME 17.1, Section 8.6.2 $808.00
Repairs (Jack/Oil Lines) Up to $5,000.00 $320.00
Repairs (Cab Interior/Other) Up to $5,000.00 $320.00
Roof window cleaning machine, each machine $139.00
Miscellaneous Fees (Tests, Temporary Use, Variances and Compliance Inspection)
Annual Maintenance Repair $767.00
Application for Variances from codes to install or modernize equipment $663.00
Emergency Power Test (includes fire component) $1,382.00
Elevator System Recall Test Per unit (includes fire component) $1,303.00
Elevator Expired Permit Renewal Fee $100.00
Elevator Permit Renewal Processing Fee $57.00
Expedited Plan Review and Inspection Fee

Upon request from the applicant, the Department may schedule an expedited plan review or inspection on an overtime basis by department staff. When such service is provided, the applicant will reimburse the City for the cost of this service. Expedited plan review and inspections are at the discretion of the Department and are not guaranteed.


Each review or inspection

Temporary Use Permit Initial $1,678.00
Temporary Use Permit Renewal $129.00
Removal of Elevator from Service $727.00
Fines and Penalty Range
Fines Implemented by Florida Status 399.
·       First Offense minimum

(Maximum $500.00 fine, suspension or revocation)



·       Second Offense

(Maximum $1000.00 fine.)

·       Third Offense and any subsequent offense

(Maximum $1000.00 fine and suspension, or revocation.)

These fines, before or after paid, can be appealed to the department director whose decision shall be final. No clearance for the use of the elevator shall be given until these fines have been paid or waived.