Middle Beach Loop

The Middle Beach Loop provides a reliable and frequent service between Mount Sinai Hospital, schools in the vicinity of 41 Street, 41 Street Commercial Corridor, 42 Street Garage, 36 Street Park, Miami Beach Regional Library, Collins Park, Miami Beach Senior High, 21 Street recreational center, Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach Botanical Garden, and City Hall.

The Middle Beach loop is an enhanced transit service with ample interior floor space to provide easy access, ambassador style customer service, security cameras, and wheelchair ramps and lifts that will allow easy access of wheelchairs and disabled passengers.

Some of the perks of the trolley service include free Wi-Fi on board the vehicles, real-time tracking and next bus information through the city’s mobile application “City of Miami Beach e-Gov” available on Google and Apple app stores.

On November 1, 2017, the Middle Beach Loop route was extended to include Dade Boulevard, Alton Road, and 19 Street with an addition of three (3) stops.

Middle Beach Loop map

Middle Beach Loop Map

Download Middle Beach Loop Map in pdf

Middle Beach Loop Stops

Main Street Cross Street Direction Stop ID Transfer to
17 Street Convention Center Drive WB 200 SoBe Loop B
17 Street Meridian Avenue WB 200-1
Meridian Avenue 19 Street NB 201
Dade Boulevard Michigan Avenue WB 201-1
Alton Road 19 Street NB 182 SoBe Loop A, SoBe Loop B, SoBe via 11 Street
19 Street Alton Road EB 201-2
Dade Boulevard Convention Center Drive EB 201-3
Washington Avenue 21 Street SB 202
20 Street Liberty Avenue EB 203
Collins Avenue 22 Street NB 204 Collins Express
Collins Avenue 23 Street NB 205
Collins Avenue 24 Street NB 206 Collins Express
Collins Avenue 26 Street NB 207
Collins Avenue 27 Street NB 208
Collins Avenue 29 Street NB 209
Collins Avenue 31 Street NB 210 Collins Express
Collins Avenue 32 Street NB 211
Collins Avenue 35 Street NB 212
Collins Avenue 38 Street NB 213 Collins Express
Collins Avenue 41 Street NB 214
Collins Avenue 43 Street NB 215 Collins Express
Indian Creek Drive 43 Street SB 217 Collins Express
Pine Tree Drive 41 Street NB 218
Sheridan Avenue 41 Street SB 219
41 Street Sheridan Avenue WB 220
41 Street Prairie Avenue WB 221
41 Street Meridian Avenue WB 222
Alton Road 41 Street NB 224
Mt. Sinai Hospital Main Door SB 225
Mt. Sinai Hospital Gumenick Building WB 226
41 Street Alton Road EB 227
41 Street Meridian Avenue EB 228
41 Street Prairie Avenue EB 229
41 Street Sheridan Avenue EB 231
41 Street Pine Tree Drive EB 232
Indian Creek Drive 41 Street SB 233 Collins Express
Indian Creek Drive 37 Street SB 234
Indian Creek Drive 35 Street SB 235
Indian Creek Drive 33 Street SB 236
Indian Creek Drive 31 Street SB 237
Indian Creek Drive 29 Street SB 238 Collins Express
Indian Creek Drive 27 Street SB 239 Collins Express
Indian Creek Drive 26 Street SB 240
Collins Avenue 24 Street SB 241 Collins Express
Collins Avenue 23 Street SB 242
Collins Avenue 21 Street SB 243 Collins Express, SoBe Loop A, SoBe Loop B
Collins Avenue 18 Street SB 245
Collins Avenue 17 Street SB 246 Collins Express
Lincoln Road Washington Avenue WB 247
Washington Avenue Lincoln Road NB 248 SoBe Loop B
17 Street Washington Avenue NB 249 SoBe Loop B