North Beach Loop

The North Beach Loop provides a reliable and frequent connection between Allison Park, Publix on 69 Street, North Shore Open Space Park, Stillwater Park, North Shore Branch Library, Crespi Park, North Shore Youth Center, Normandy Isle Park and Pool,  and other destinations.

To improve connectivity and facilitate transfer between North Beach Loop and Collins Express trolley service, the North Beach Loop route alignment has been modified. Route section along Indian Creek Drive between 71 Street and Indian Creek Drive/Abbott Avenue Intersection was eliminated and route section along eastbound 71 Street and southbound Abbott Avenue was added. This route modification will enable for transfer from North Beach Loop to other transit services at Abbott Avenue/69 Street bus stop.

Connects to Miami-Dade Transit routes: 120, S, H, L, 115, and 79.

The North Beach loop is an enhanced transit service with ample interior floor space to provide easy access, ambassador style customer service, security cameras, free Wi-FI, and wheelchair ramps and lifts that will allow easy access of wheelchairs and disabled passengers.

North Beach Loop Map

North Beach Loop Map

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North Beach Loop Stops

Main Street Cross Street Direction Stop ID Transfer to
65 Street Collins Avenue EB 300
Collins Avenue 67 Street NB 301 Collins Express
Collins Avenue 69 Street NB 302 Collins Express
Collins Avenue 72 Street NB 303 Collins Express
Collins Avenue 76 Street NB 304
Collins Avenue 77 Street NB 305 Collins Express
Collins Avenue 79 Street NB 306
Collins Avenue 81 Street NB 307 Collins Express
Collins Avenue 83 Street NB 308
Collins Avenue 85 Street NB 309 Collins Express
Collins Avenue 87 Street NB 310
Harding Avenue 87 Street SB 312 Collins Express
Harding Avenue 85 Street SB 313 Collins Express
85 Street Byron Avenue WB 314
85 Street Crespi Boulevard WB 315
85 Street Hawthorne Avenue WB 316
Hawthorne Avenue Stillwater Drive SB 317
Hawthorne Avenue 81 Street SB 319
Crespi Blvd 79 Street SB 320
77 Street Hawthorne Avenue EB 321
77 Street Tatum Waterway Drive EB 323
Dickens Avenue 75 Street SB 324
73 Street Byron Avenue EB 325
Harding Avenue 72 Street SB 326
71 Street Byron Avenue WB 327
71 Street Bonita Drive WB 328
Normandy Drive Bay Drive WB 328-1
Normandy Drive Rue Versailles Drive WB 329
Normandy Drive Rue Notre Dame WB 331
Normandy Drive Rue Bordeaux Drive WB 333
Normandy Drive Trouville Esplanade WB 334
Normandy Drive Rue Granville WB 335
71 Street Biarritz Drive EB 336
71 Street Rue Granville EB 337
71 Street Trouville Esplanade EB 338
71 Street Rue Bordeaux Drive EB 339
71 Street Rue Notre Dame EB 340
71 Street Rue Versailles Drive EB 341
71 Street Bay Drive EB 342
71 Street Indian Creek Drive EB 343
71 Street Byron Avenue EB 344
Abbott Avenue 69 Street SB 345 Collins Express
Abbott Avenue Indian Creek Drive SB 346