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City of Miami Beach
1700 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
Phone: 305.673.7000

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Food Distribution Form

The City of Miami Beach is offering food assistance to qualifying residents who have lost their employment and are experiencing food insecurity.

After residents complete the online form below, eligible residents will be contacted by the city with a date, time and location for food pick up.  You will be required to provide additional information regarding your household membership and need prior to receiving assistance.  Households will only be permitted to pick up once per week and we will ensure that food packages are sufficient per family size.

The distribution site is 505 17th Street. Only residents who complete the online registration and receive an appointment will be served.

The city is preparing to serve 600 Miami Beach households weekly, and will do their best to accommodate food packages for vegetarian and kosher households. Thank you. Please Note: You can only register every 7 days. 

APARTMENT (if Applicable):

1. Are you eligible to receive SNAP benefits?

2. Have you or a member of your household lost employment during the pandemic?

3. Do you foresee that you will be unable to pay for food in the coming weeks?

4. Have you paid your latest rent payment?

5. Have you applied for unemployment benefits?

6. Are you eligible to receive the Economic Impact Payment?