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OIG Reports

When an OIG report contains a finding or recommendation concerning a person or entity being reported on, the affected person is provided with a preliminary copy and is allowed thirty (30) working days to submit a written explanation or rebuttal before the report is finalized.

The OIG does not have the authority to order or direct changes in City policies, procedures, or activities, but it may require a City official or department employee to provide a follow-up report regarding actions taken in response to its recommendations.

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OIG No. 21-01: Report of  Resort Tax Activities Summary

OIG No. 21-02: Report of Annual Finance Department Bank Account Reconciliation

OIG No. 21-03: Inspection of Covid-19 Rent Assistance

OIG No. 21-05 Contract Oversight - Lincoln Road Antiques and Collectibles Market

OIG No. 21-06: Second Semi-annual Finance Review

OIG No. 21-07: Investigation of Complaint Regarding Food Distribution During Early Voting

OIG No. 21-08 Investigation of Allegations of Misconduct Regarding Political Activity

OIG No. 21-09: Public Works Warehouse Inventory Valuation as of September 30, 2020

OIG No. 21-10: OIG Contract Allocation Fee Report

OIG No. 21-11 Building Department Expenditures

OIG No. 21-12: Inspector General G.O. Bond Quarterly Report

OIG No. 21-14 Investigation of  Unequal Enforcement of Noise Regulation

OIG No. 21-16: Investigation of Unauthorized Outside Employment 

OIG No. 21-18: Review of DAVID Database Access and Internal Controls

OIG No. 21-19: Audit of State Beachfront Management Agreement No. 3595 -Financial Audit Report

OIG No. 21-20:Audit of State Beachfront Management Agreement No. 3595 - Operational Audit Report

OIG No. 2121: Report of Resort Tax Activities Summary

OIG No.21-22: Audit of Great Waste & Recycling LLC Roll-off Fee Revenues

OIG No. 21-23 Inspector General G.O. Bond Quarterly Report

OIG No. 21-24: Inspection Report of SunPass Concerning Take-Home City Vehicle No. 14401

OIG No. 21-25 Audit of Bicon Inc. d/b/a S&S National Waste Roll-off Fee Revenues

OIG No. 21-28: Alleged Illegal Campaign Contributions






Annual Reports

In accordance with our statutory obligation, these reports highlight the investigations, audits and reviews we conduct throughout the fiscal year. In addition, these reports aim to inspire employees, business owners and residents to report wrongdoing.

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