Actuarial Summary Fact Sheet

Florida Local Government Retirement Systems Actuarial Fact Sheets

The Department of Management Services monitors Florida's local government pension plans for actuarially sound funding under Part VII of Chapter 12, Florida Statutes. An Actuarial Summary Fact Sheet is available for your review at the department's website for each local governmental pension plan that they monitor.

These fact sheets summarize the basic information about each plan and compare that information to the average of Florida's other local government pension plans.  The fact sheet is prepared in accordance with section 112.665(1)(e), Florida Statutes, and includes the following information:

  • The plan's actuarial status.
  • The most current actuarial and benefit data.
  • The minimum funding requirements as a percentage of pay.
  • A five-year history of fund ratios.
  • A comparison to the average of other Florida local government pension plans.
  • A brief explanation of each element presented to maximize the transparency of the local government plan.

The links to the website and to the Actuarial Summary Fact Sheet for the City of Miami Beach Police and Fire Pension Plan are:

State of Florida Department of Management Local Retirement Plans Website

Miami Beach Police and Fire Pension Plan