City Vehicles And Equipment


To provide general information for the operation and use of City-owned vehicles (non-Police) and equipment.

The City of Miami Beach employee is the City's most visible representative.  Directly associated with the employees visibility is his or her vehicle/equipment. The vehicle/equipment appearance and condition should therefore represent a favorable impression of the Department, the profession, and the City.


  1. RESTRICTION:   The use of City-owned vehicles for personal use is prohibited.   Unauthorized passengers are prohibited from riding or operating a City vehicle or equipment.  The operator is held responsible for enforcement of this rule.
  2. LICENSES:   All operators of City vehicles must have in their immediate possession a valid Driver's License, issued by the State of Florida, and appropriate for the type of vehicle being driven or operated.
  3. COMMERCIAL DRIVER LICENSES:   Beginning April 1, 1992, any City-owned or controlled vehicle which is classified as a commercial Motor Vehicle the operator must have in their immediate possession, a valid Commercial Driver's License (CDL) of the type and Class with all Endorsements that are required by law for the operation of that specific vehicle.
  4. LICENSE SUSPENSION:   Operators of City vehicle/equipment including those who hold a Driver's License, or a Commercial Driver's License (CDL), must notify their immediate supervisor and Risk Management in writing the next business day following a suspension, revocation, cancellation, or other disqualification from driving any motor vehicle. If driving is considered a minimum requirement of the job, and the license is suspended, canceled, revoked, or otherwise restricted toaffect job performance the employee must immediately notify, in writing their Department/Division Head and Risk Management.
    • The employee may not continue to work in that classification if driving is considered a minimum requirement.
    • At the Department's request, depending upon the immediate needs of the Department, the employee may be granted up to a 90-day suspension or until the scheduled court disposition for restoration of the license.  If the employee fails to acquire his/her license within this time frame, then they shall report to Human Resources for possible placement in a classification that does not require driving. This will be dependent upon the employee's qualification, City vacancies, availability, interview results and desires, and needs of the receiving department.
    • If the employee cannot be placed in another Department, or given up to 90 days suspension, then the employee may be terminated for failure to meet the minimum requirements of the classification.
    • Disciplinary action: May occur depending upon the reason for the suspension.If the employee's license is suspended or revoked due to a DUI (driving under the influence) charge, then all above procedures will also occur.  However, if the employee is found guilty then:
    • The employee will not be allowed to apply for or continue in any position that requires driving for a one-year period effective from the date they were found guilty.
    • After a year if the employee returns to a job that requires driving and has another DUI conviction, they will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination, and will not be eligible for a job that requires driving for a 5 year period from the date of conviction.
  5. OPERATORS OF CITY VEHICLES/EQUIPMENT   including employees who hold a CDL must notify their immediate supervisor in writing the next business day following any conviction of any traffic violation (except parking).  This includes any and all violations regardless of the owner of the vehicle or the location in which the violation occurred.
  6. DRUG AND ALCOHOL SCREENING:   Operators of any City-owned or controlled vehicles are subject to drug testing in accordance with City of Miami Beach Policy, and bargaining unit contracts.  Random screening, which are mandated by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) under Section 382.305, will also be conducted.
  7. DRUG TESTING   procedures are administered by the Human Resources Department, which include compliance with applicable City of  Miami Beach Personnel Rules and Policies as well as union contracts.  See Human Resources Department Policies and Procedures for additional information.
  8. DRIVER LICENSE/INSPECTION:   The immediate supervisor may request an employee provide proof of a valid Driver's License or (CDL) from any employee prior to the operation of any City vehicle.
    • The immediate supervisor verifies the expiration date of the license, the Class of the license, and ensures that the license contains any endorsements which may be required for the operation of a specific City vehicle.
  9. OBTAINING AND MAINTAINING, UPGRADING LICENSES:   For those employees required by the City to secure and maintain a valid Commercial Driver's Licenses, as a condition of employment, the Director of the Department/Division may allow the use of City equipment/vehicle on City time as required for a Commercial Driver's License examination when the employee's duties include driving a City vehicle.
  10. AGE LIMIT:   No person, employee or otherwise, who is under 18 years of age, is permitted to operate a City vehicle or City equipment.
  11. USE APPROVAL:   The City limits vehicle use to the following:
    • Only authorized personnel will be allowed to operate City vehicles.
    • Employee on official city business use only; and during an
    • Employee's tour of duty; and
    • Passengers in City vehicles will be confined to City employees and persons on official business with an authorized employee.
  12.  EXCEPTIONS:     The City Managers, Department Heads can only approve exceptions and Division Heads are authorized to approve use of City vehicles.
  13. SMOKING AND EATING IS PROHIBITED:   No smoking or eating is permitted in any City of Miami Beach vehicle.  Refer to the employee handbook for additional detailed information.
    • When a defect is noted in a City vehicle, bring it to the attention of your supervisor immediately.
    • Return the vehicle promptly to point of issue when not in use.  Do not hold a vehicle obtained from the point of issue longer than required by the work for which it was obtained.
    • Always obtain fuel from the City-owned tanks located at Fleet Management (140 MacArthur Causeway) or Fire Station #2 (2300 Pine Tree Drive) unless specifically authorized to do otherwise.
    • Drive safely at all times and observe all traffic laws and rules.
    • Seat belts use is mandatory.
    • Plan trips to conserve fuel.
    All accidents, no matter how minor or inconsequential or location must be reported and investigated by the City of Miami Beach Police Department.  In addition, a city accident reporting form must be completed and as quickly as possible submitted to Risk Management, Fleet Management, and your immediate supervisor.  All accidents will be reviewed by the City of Miami Beach Police Accident Investigative Unit (AIU) and Risk Management.  The finding of the investigation will be submitted to the employees Department/Division Director and Fleet Management.  Negligent or willful damage, and waste or theft of City property, may be grounds for disciplinary action according to City policy.Fleet Management distributes insurance cards and registrations when the vehicle is placed in service.  These documents are to be kept with the vehicle at all times.  As required by Florida Law. In the event these documents are missing, it must be reported immediately to Fleet Management.
    • When an employee is assigned a vehicle/equipment or is under a "Shared Vehicle/Equipment", a formal inspection will be conducted by the operator of any vehicle/equipment before and at the end of each tour of duty.
    • With this process, the operator is required to inspect his/her vehicle/equipment and to document the results of the inspection on a "Vehicle Equipment and Safety Inspection Sheet".  The completed form will be turned in to the immediate supervisor at the end of his/her tour.
    • When the operator observes any damage to the vehicle/equipment, which is otherwise, unreported (a damage log kept in the department), the operator will notify his/her supervisor who will initiate a comprehensive investigation and notify the appropriate departments as required. The operator will also prepare a City of Miami Beach Found Vehicle/Equipment Damage Report and distribute it prior to the conclusion of his/her shift.
    • The Fleet Management Division will conduct a personal inspection during every Preventative Maintenance Service on all vehicles/equipment in every division and department and forward the results to the City Manager and the Departments Directors.
    • Employees will inspect the passenger compartment of the their assigned vehicles/equipment at both the beginning and the end of their tours to ensure no waste debris or other foreign materials are left inside.
    • The employee's supervisor will conduct a formal inspection once a month.  The employee will be responsible for forwarding the results of the vehicle/equipment inspection to Fleet Management Department upon request.
    • When the supervisor observes any damage to said vehicle/equipment which is otherwise UN-reported, he/she will initiate a comprehensive investigation with documentation to include photographs.  This report will be forwarded to the Fleet Management and Risk Management simultaneously.  The supervisor will log the damage, case number, and date in the vehicle damage log, which is maintained in the Department or Division.
    • When an employee observes that a vehicle/equipment needs to be shopped for any reason, that employee shall immediately notify his/her supervisor.  The employee will be instructed to prepare a Fleet Management Vehicle/Equipment Service Request Form.  In addition, the supervisor will sign the employees Vehicle/Equipment Safety Inspection Form.  The employee will present the form to the Service Writer in Fleet Management when the vehicle/equipment is shopped.
    • When a vehicle/equipment must be left at a location other than Fleet Management, the employee will follow the same procedure as outlined in 17.4.  The employee will secure the vehicle/equipment and notify Fleet Management of the location of the vehicle and the reason the vehicle was left unattended.
    • Should a vehicle/equipment become disabled while being utilized by an employee, Fleet Management and their supervisor will be notified. The vehicle should not be left unattended in an unsafe manner. Fleet Management will then become responsible for the repair and/or the removal of the vehicle.
    • Employees should not utilize non-city towing or garage services without the approval of Fleet Management.  Prior to leaving a vehicle/equipment, the employee should ensure that all of his/her personal belongings are secure.   If a flat tire occurs outside of Miami  each City limits, the operator of the vehicle should make every attempt to change the tire.  The flat tire should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.
    • Employees shall be responsible for the general maintenance and proper care of their assigned vehicle and shall not:
      • Make minor adjustments or maintenance to the vehicle/equipment.
      • Alter the body, general design, appearance, marking, mechanical or electrical system
      • drill holes in the interior or exterior of the vehicle.
      • affix any unauthorized stickers or signs to the vehicle/equipment.
      • any additional equipment or modifications to the vehicle/equipment unless first approved by Fleet Management.Any repairs done to said vehicle/equipment will be done by Fleet Management and only after request is properly submitted by the employee and approved by the Supervisor.
        This approval shall be requested in writing to Fleet Management and shall contain the following information:
      • The type of modification or additional equipment desired.
      • the reason or justification for the additional equipment or modification.
      • the exact type of equipment/accessory to the installed. All approved additional equipment or accessory shall be purchased and maintained at the division/departments expense.  Fleet Management will arrange installation or modification.
    • Vehicles, which are properly maintained, will have a longer life span; therefore proper vehicle/equipment maintenance is important.  All vehicles of the City of Miami Beach shall be maintained according to a maintenance schedule as required by the manufacture or appropriate State or Federal Agency.Fleet Management will assign a preventative maintenance schedule to each vehicle/equipment.  All preventative maintenance shall be scheduled with the Fleet Management Service Writer.Employees who are assigned a   leased vehicle are required to have preventative maintenance inspections performed by Fleet Management personnel at the end of the first 30 days of operation or 1000 miles, whichever comes first. Inspections will be required quarterly from that point forward.Employees who must bring their vehicle/equipment in for preventative maintenance will adhere to the following procedures:
      • Employee schedules his/her vehicle/equipment for P.M. with Fleet Management.
      • Employee drives vehicle/equipment to the shop.
      • Fleet Management will monitor the progress of the vehicle/equipment repairs and/or maintenance and notify the employee when the vehicle/equipment is ready to be picked up.
      • Employee will go to Fleet Management upon notification that the vehicle/equipment is ready to be picked up.
      • The same procedure will apply in the event that the vehicle is malfunctioning and not safe to operate, except when an appointment is not required.
    • Any employee operating a City vehicle/equipment is responsible for the care and maintenance of such equipment.  Employees shall check fluid levels, lighting, tires (conditions and pressure) on a daily basis to keep the vehicle operating safety.

    • While on duty, operators of City vehicles and equipment shall obey all traffic laws, driving in a defensive manner, and setting an example for others.   This policy prohibits employees from driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol doctor's orders immediately notify their supervisor if the drug(s) affect their driving ability.

    • SEAT BELTS WILL BE WORN.    It is mandatory that seat belts be used by all employees/occupants of a City of Miami Beach vehicle, at all times, without exception.   It is the driver's responsibility to ensure that all occupants fasten their seat belts prior to operating the vehicle.  Any malfunctioning seat belt should be reported to Fleet Management and brought to Fleet Management for repair or replaced immediately.  The City reserves the right to revoke the driving privilege of any driver not complying with this policy.

    • Except when on calls for service, City vehicles shall not be parked illegally or in such a manner as to interfere with the free movement of traffic. At all times when a city vehicle is left unattended, it shall be properly secured by removing the keys and locking all doors and windows. The use of all required safety devices such as cones, flares or warning triangles shall be used when vehicle is unattended blocking traffic

    • When turning a vehicle in at the end of the tour of duty, the operator shall make sure that the vehicle/equipment is clean, fueled, and ready for use by another employee.

    • If your city vehicle/equipment is damaged or stolen, report the theft or damage immediately to the City of Miami Beach Police Department and your supervisor.  Obtain a copy of the police report filed.  Maintain a copy for your files and submit copies to Risk Management, Fleet Management, and your supervisor within 48 hours.

    • In cases of damage to a city vehicle, regardless of severity, the employees shall notify his/her supervisor immediately.

    • The use of a City vehicle is a privilege and a benefit and not an automatic right.  Failure to comply with any portion of the City of  Miami Beach vehicle/equipment use policy may result in disciplinary action.

    • Disciplinary actions imposed may start with a written warning for minor first offenses.  Additional violations may result in suspension and/or permanent removal up to and including termination from use of a City vehicle.  In addition, disciplinary action up to and including termination may be taken against an employee as indicated in the employee personnel rules.

    • The methodology used to identify the responsible party for found damage will be based on the last employee who accessed the vehicle or equipment, especially in the absence of missing documentation.

    • If an employee requires transportation and is no longer authorized to use a city vehicle, he or she may exercise the option to use their personal vehicle in order to continue meeting the requirements of their employment.  Mileage reimbursement can be requested as identified in 20.5.

    • Employees who elect the option identified in 20.4 will retain appropriate insurance coverage as required by Florida Statutes and will be compensated based on a mileage reimbursement rate established by the City.

      Under certain circumstances, the administration reserves the right to impose harsher penalties to replace those imposed in this policy.


Termination, new hires, and driver/operator changes shall be reported within 48 hours to Fleet Management in order to keep driver information current and accurate.