Workers Compensation Guidelines

The City of Miami Beach has an arrangement with CorVel Corporation to provide administration of our Workers’ Compensation Program to ensure that our employees receive immediate quality medical care and return to work as soon as possible.

Onsite Claims Examiner
CorVel Corporation
Cathy Reid
813.637.8937 or 305.673.7524

• You have the right to confidential and accessible medical care.
• You have the right to timely, quality medical treatment.
• You have the right to return to your work position when physically able to do so and as soon as released by your Primary Care Provider.

If you are injured on the job you must:
• Report all work related injury/illness promptly to your supervisor. The law requires that you report the accident or your knowledge of a job- related injury/illness within 30 days of your knowledge of the accident or injury/illness.
• For your initial care, utilize the authorized treating facility, Fast Care, unless the injury/illness is serious, then, report to the nearest emergency room.
• Your Supervisor will report the injury/illness to CorVel Corporation via the CareMC Claims Management System.
• Your Supervisor will continue to get updates from the CorVel Claims Examiner on return to work status, restrictions, appointments, and clearance when an employee is able to return to work. Any questions or concerns regarding the claim should be brought to the CorVel Claims Examiner first.
• Within 3-5 business days after report of accident or injury/illness, you should receive an informational brochure explaining your rights and obligations, and a Notification Letter explaining the services provided by the Employee Assistance Office of the Division of Workers’ Compensation. These forms may be part of a packet which may include some or all of the following:
A copy of your accident report or “First Report of Injury or Illness,” which you should read to make sure it is correct;
A fraud statement, which you must read, sign and return as soon as possible, or benefits may be temporarily withheld until you do so;
A release of medical records for you to sign and return; and
Medical mileage reimbursement forms that you should fill out, after seeking medical treatment, and send to your CorVel Claims Examiner for reimbursement.

If you do not receive a call or the information packet from CorVel Corporation, you can call the WC hotline for assistance at 1.800.342.1741.
• Give the doctor a full description of the accident or how you were injured.
• If you are released to work but can’t return to your same job, you should get instructions from the doctor on what work you can and cannot do.
• Keep and attend all appointments with your doctor, or benefits may be suspended.
• Speak with your Supervisor as soon as you leave the doctor. Explain to your Supervisor what work the doctor said you can and cannot do.
• Ask your employer if they have work for you to return to that does not require you to do things the doctor said you cannot do yet.
• If yes, ask when you should report for work.
• If not, make sure your employer has a way to contact you if appropriate work becomes available.
• If you are admitted to a hospital, call or have someone call your Supervisor for you to explain what happened and where you are.
• Contact your CorVel Claims Examiner and let them know what the doctor said about your injuries and work status.
• You should continue to stay in contact with your Supervisor and your CorVel Claims Examiner throughout your treatment and recovery.

• Contact CorVel Corporation right away, via the CareMC Claims Management System to report a work related injury/illness.
• Stay in contact with your employee and the CorVel Claims Examiner until the injured worker is back on the job.

If the employee is released to work with restrictions
• Get the doctor’s list of restrictions from the injured worker or from the CorVel Claims Examiner, and
• Meet with the injured worker to see if work is available that he/she can do.
• If restricted work is available:
Discuss with the injured worker:
Starting time and date, and
Report the restricted work to the CorVel Claims Examiner.
• Inform the CorVel Claims Examiner:
When the injured worker is scheduled to return to restricted work.
If the injured worker is unable to, due to restrictions, continue working, or
If you can’t give him/her restricted work any longer, or
If the doctor releases him/her to regular work

Employee Workers’ Compensation Criminal Violations
The following are criminal violations of s. 440.105, F.S., that constitute a felony of the first, second or third degree depending on the monetary value of the fraud as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084, F.S.:
• Filing a false claim of on-the-job injuries or exaggerating injuries.
• An injured employee or any party making a claim of an on-the-job injury/illness will be required to provide his or her personal signature attesting that he or she has reviewed, understands, and acknowledges the following statement: “Any person who, knowingly and with intent to injure, defraud, or deceive any employer or employee, insurance company, or self-insured program, files a statement of claim containing any false or misleading information commits insurance fraud, punishable as provided in s. 817.234.”
• If the injured employee or party refuses to sign the document, benefits or payments shall be suspended until such signature is obtained.

How to Get More Information and Help With Your Claim
Division of Workers’ Compensation Employee Assistance and Ombudsman Office:
• The Employee Assistance and Ombudsman Office (EAO) will assist you at no cost with questions or concerns you may have about your workers’ compensation claim.
• EAO works on your behalf to resolve issues with your workers’ compensation claim.
• EAO offices are located around the state to assist you.
Phone: 1.800.342.1741

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