Drug Free Awareness Program

The City is committed to providing a safe environment for employees, visitors and the general public.  It is also concerned with protecting City property; and prohibiting influences in the workplace that have a detrimental effect on safety and job performance. The following is a summary of the provisions of the City’s Drug-Free Awareness Program.  This is being provided so that employees fully understand the program and the consequences of noncompliance. It is not the City’s intent to unnecessarily intrude upon the privacy of individuals.

The intent is merely to ensure compliance with the law and to discourage potentially dangerous and/or unsafe situations from occurring which could adversely affect job performance and safety or jeopardize the safety of other employees, the public or City property.  We also recognize that drug or alcohol misuse may be a serious medical problem, and support sound treatment efforts in some cases.    If you have any questions regarding any portion of the Program, please contact your supervisor, or the Human Resources Department.

  1. Employee involvement in the sale, purchase, transfer, manufacture, use or possession of illegal drugs, narcotics or other unlawful substances and materials on the premises or while conducting business for the City is prohibited by law as well as by the rules of employee conduct relating to substance abuse.
  2.  As a requirement of the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, any employee who performs services for the City must, as a condition of employment, report to the City’s Human Resources Department any criminal conviction for drug-related activity in the workplace or while on City business.  Such notification must take place within 5 days of conviction.
  3. The City’s premises shall mean all land, property, buildings, structures, installations, boats, aircraft and vehicles owned by or leased to the City or otherwise being utilized to conduct its business.
  4. The City recognizes that drug or alcohol misuse is a serious problem, and supports sound treatment efforts.  Employee assistance is available from the City’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for employees with drug or alcohol problems.  When  an employee contacts the EAP Coordinator on a voluntary, self-referred basis, any information concerning the employee’s condition will not be disclosed by the Coordinator and such information will remain confidential. The availability of assistance should not,however, be construed as condoning any form of substance abuse nor should it be interpreted as constituting a waiver of the City’s right to maintain discipline and a safe environment or to respond to unsatisfactory job performance or other problems that may result from substance abuse.  Employees should contact Employee Assistance Plus at 1-800-426-4327 for an appointment with our Employee Assistance Coordinator.
  5. If an employee violates the DRUG-FREE AWARENESS PROGRAM, he or she will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, including discharge from City employment and possible referral to law enforcement agencies.