Lummus Park

Lummus Park - Fitness Installation

Lummus Park is now taking fitness to the next level and becoming a world-renowned landmark in the process!

The hotspot for fitness is receiving a total makeover and will soon feature a complete outdoor gym which seamlessly combines art and exercise in two beautiful installations, My Equilibria’s Leopard Tree and MyBeast. Inspired by nature, the Leopard Tree boasts several workout islands and is designed around a tree which, challenges all of the major muscle groups. The MyBeast installation brings together functional training and high-performance. Focused on a design that triggers the body’s instinctive drive to move, MyBeast eliminates unnecessary transitions from one piece of equipment to another and makes training feel smoother.

How to

What are the components of the Leopard Tree installation?
The Leopard tree is comprised of 18 workout stations featuring the following:
• Pull-Up Bar
• Rings
• Parallel Bars
• 4 Elevated Hooks (For TRX and Resistance Bands)
• 3 Benches (Incline/Flat/Decline)
• Sliding Push-Up Handles
• 2 Ground Hooks (For Resistance Bands)
• Twisting Stability Board
• 2 Box Jumps (High/Low)
• Wellness Stone (With 2 Hooks and Dip Bar)
• Parallettes
• Battle Rope
• Rotating Push-Up Handles
• Elevated Push-Up Handles
• 2 Pistons (High/Low)
• Sliding Ab Bar

What is the size of the Leopard Tree installation?
The tree itself is about 25 ft. by 15 ft. and the surrounding fitness stations found in the workout island vary in size. The installation can accommodate up to 23 users.
What are the components of the MyBeast installation?
Featuring over 12 workout stations, called stages, MyBeast feature the following:
• Monkey Bars
• Multi Pull-Up
• Vertical Bar
• Stall Bars
• Sliding Push-Up Handles
• Vertical Pole
• Rings
• Flying Pull-Up
• Sliding Pull-Up Handles
• Multi Tool Pole
• Hanging Handles
• Butterfly Handles
• Ladder Pole
• Pull-Up Bar
What is the size of the MyBeast installation?
The MyBeast is about 33 ft. long by 5 1/2 ft. wide and is large enough to accommodate up to 15 users at a time.
What material are the installations / rings made out of?
The installations are made of UHPC molecular concrete steel.
Will the new installations replace all other fitness equipment in that area?
The triple pull-up bars, single metal pole and dip bars presently on site will remain a part of the 9th Street fitness circuit. The Leopard Tree and MyBeast installations will replace all other equipment.