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Lummus Park

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  • South Beach Neighborhood 
    Ocean Drive between 5 Street and 14 Place | 26.34 acres

  • 305.673.7779

  • Monday – Sunday;
    Sunrise to Sunset

  • Amenities

  • Accessible

  • Restrooms:

  • 3 public restrooms at 6, 10 and 14 Streets.

  • Water Fountain

  • Located at 6, 10 and 14 Street restrooms and beach wash stations.

  • Parking:

    Restricted along Ocean Drive

  • Beach Access/Beach Front

  • Pavillion Shelter

  • Features

  • Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and Ocean Drive, between 5 Street and 14 Place, Lummus Park has been the backdrop for many television and film scenes.  The beachfront park features a playground, public restrooms, paved paths for walking or biking and 9 Street Muscle Beach, South Beach. The park also serves as a host to various special events every year, ranging from concerts to marathons and is one of the most popular destinations in Miami Beach.

  • Playground: Ages 2-5 & 5-12

  • Outdoor Fitness:

    • 6 Street & Ocean Drive – Outdoor Barbell Gym • 13 Station VLS Machines
    • 9 Street & Ocean Drive – Muscle Beach • Weight Training Lockers
    • 18 Sand Volleyball Courts

Playground & Fitness Areas


Fitness/Muscle Beach

A popular attraction for fitness enthusiasts, Muscle Beach South Beach serves as an outdoor area for exercise, weight lifting and gymnastics, and features two nature-inspired installations: MyEquilibria’s Leopard Tree and MyBeast. These functional structures collectively feature over 30 workout components. The first of its kind to be featured in a public park in the United States, the installation of this high-end fitness equipment brings art and functionality to the beach and is accessible to visitors and residents alike. 

Lummas Park Playground

Lummus Playground

Special features: Poured in place rubber surfacing with a variety of slides, climbing components, play panels, fitness station and more.
Swings: Tot, Youth and ADA

Yoga classes at lummus park

Yoga Classes

Classes offered at Lummus Park on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Learn more about the offerings and how to sign up and register for classes. 



In the Lummus Park beachfront path that stretches 10 blocks, runners, walkers, cyclists and skaters enjoy refreshing breezes from the Atlantic Ocean. Along Ocean Drive there are also dedicated bike lanes that run north and south available for cyclists.

Lummus Park Leopard Tree

Lummus Park features dimmable LED lighting throughout the park to reduce the amount of light visible from the beach. This protects our native sea turtle population by substantially reducing light pollution in the areas with the highest disorientation incidents during the sea turtle season.
To learn more about turtle-friendly lighting visit

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