Bulk Disposal


Progressive Waste Solutions is also is responsible for picking up the yard trash as follows:

Yard Trash includes tree/shrubs cuttings, grass clippings and palm fronds.  All trash must be in bags/cans or tied in bundles and weigh less than 50 lbs.  Bundles cannot be bigger than (4) feet in length, limbs no bigger than (4) inches in diameter.  Place trash at the curb no sooner than (24) hours prior to 7:00 a.m. on your pick up days of the week.

Bulky waste pick ups must by scheduled by calling Progressive Waste Solutions directly at 786.515.2726.  Resident’s must follow the guidelines outlined below for bulk waste pick ups:

Bulky waste includes: large cuttings of bushes, tree limbs, and yard trash which cannot be placed in a can, bag or tied in bundles (4) feet in length or less; household appliances such as ranges, water heaters and refrigerators (with doors removed); trash from do-it-yourself home remodeling/repair projects including carpeting (cut to lengths of (6) feet or less); dry wall and lumber not exceeding (5) feet in length or 40 pounds; and furniture (sofas, chairs and mattresses).  Residents are entitled to (5) free bulk pick-ups a year.

Bulky Waste does NOT include trash from tree removal, land clearing, building demolition, chemical waste, paint, automobiles and automotive parts, tires, batteries, boats, biological wastes, or any work done by a contractor.

Apartments and Condos:
Buildings with (8) units or more, on private garbage collection service, must contact their service provider for bulk and yard waste pick up.

Violators of the rules noted above will be given a ticket/violation, with fines ranging from $50 to $1000.  If the City has to remove the trash and waste the violator will also be billed for all removal costs in addition to the fines.

Bulky Waste cannot be placed out more than (24) hours prior to the scheduled date.



Wasteful Weekends 

Let the first full weekend of the month be a wasteful one. Take your bulk trash to one of two dumpster locations from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on the first full weekend of every month.  Miami Beach residents are to present proof residency (Identification with a Miami Beach address and/or a utility bill along with photo identification) in order to utilize the two (2) locations specified below:

  • 500 Block of Jefferson Avenue east side of the street
  • 75 Street and Dickens Avenue.

The 2018 Calendar weekends are as follow:
January 6 & 7
February 3 & 4
March 3 & 4
April 7 & 8
May 5 & 6
June 2 & 3
July 7 & 8
August 4 & 5
September 1 & 2
October 6 & 7
November 3 & 4
December 1 & 2


Please DO NOT dispose of chemical or hazardous materials, tires, paints, or car parts into the dumpsters.

Contact the Sanitation Division at 305.673.7616 for more information.