Street Cleaning Programs in Flamingo Park and North Beach

The implementation of the Alternate Side Parking for the Flamingo Park neighborhood has been delayed while we work through the valid concerns expressed by residents during the Flamingo Park Neighborhood Association meeting on August 5, 2019.

According to the City of Miami Beach 2019 Resident Survey results, cleanliness of neighborhood streets was identified as a top priority. Overall, 11.5% of those surveyed indicated this City service as most important and in need of improvement. With 69% of residents satisfied or very satisfied with current services provided, the Administration is preparing to do better.

The city is rolling out a new neighborhood program to provide cleaner city streets in an efficient manner. Properly cleaned roads help reduce air pollution caused by fine dust particles; reduce health hazards related to dust and ensure trash doesn’t become a refuge for insects and rodents; prevent the accumulation of debris in catch basins and drainage ditches and reduces the amount of sedimentation discharged into waterways, particularly Biscayne Bay. Parking restrictions will be put in place between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. on specific weekdays to allow proper street sweeping and removal of debris in areas otherwise obstructed by parked vehicles. The program is designed to only affect parking on alternate sides of the streets and will:

  • Allow crews to move into an area unimpeded and swiftly clean the vacated areas
  • Cause less noise and dust from relying solely on leaf blowing teams, thanks to the absence of parked vehicles
  • Assist with better water quality and reduce the risk of flood waters during heavy rains
  • Be more efficient with labor cost by incorporating street sweepers in areas that had historically had to rely on hand crews

This minor inconvenience will have a significant impact on the city’s ability to reduce dust and noise, improve water quality in Biscayne Bay, and improve the quality of life for our residents. Read the program Letter To Commission (LTC) here.

The following areas will be impacted:

  • Flamingo Park: 6 Street to Lincoln Lane, between Lenox Avenue and Euclid Avenue
  • North Beach: 67 to 73 streets, between Indian Creek Drive and Harding Ave

View the public advisories for each area, which clearly display the cleaning schedules and boundaries.