Apply for a Special Events Permit

For a Special Events permit request, please click here.

The Special Event Permit process is a review and approval process that requires various City departments to review and approve their portion of the permit. After all requirements are met, the Special Events permit is issued.  The process includes Neighborhood Review, Business or Residents Sign-offs, Fire approval on master site plan, Building Permits, Public Works permits, staffing of City Services such as Police, Fire, Parking, Parks, Ocean Rescue, among others requirements specific to the event. Please visit our FAQs page and our Special Event Permits in 5 Easy Steps page for more information. Please note that permit deadlines are 90 days for public property and 30-60 days for private property.


For a Ceremonies & Team Building Permit request, please click here.
Create a login. Choose the appropriate permit request, and then SKIP the first page of the application (where it asks to map out the location) by clicking the NEXT button on the bottom right. Start entering the appropriate info on the 2nd page of the application. These 
permits allow for up to 150 guests with up to 150 chairs, a runner, arch or chuppah, up to 3-10 x 10 tents, up to 5 folding tables flags, banners, temporary markers and with acoustic music only.  For more information please visit the ceremonies and team building permits page.


For a Community Arts and Culture Initiative Permit request, please click here.
Community Arts and Culture Initiative Permits allow for small arts and culture activations in the pedestrian friendly areas, such as on Rue Vendome, a permanently closed street along the Normandy Fountain on 71st Street. For information on Rue Vendome Grants, please click here.


For a Pop-Up Venue Permit request, please click here.
Pop-up Venues are temporary retail spaces that can be used to promote and sell products of all types, ranging from food and beverage, clothing, or unique gifts. The concept has the potential for low overhead, low risk, and is a great way to introduce yourself to the market, generate buzz, increase sales, and extend the reach and exposure.


For a Temporary Sampling Permit request, please click here.
Temporary Sampling permits allow for mobile teams of 5 persons or less to give away an approved branded products in the City of Miami Beach.  These permits cost $2000/per day/per team and have an insurance requirement. These permits do not allow tents, tables, chairs, signage or any kind of stationary elements.


For a Demonstrations letter request, please click here.
Demonstration memorandums advise Miami Beach City Service Departments such as the Office of the City Manager’s, Police, Fire, Parking, Sanitation, and Code Compliance Departments of your 1st amendment right to rally and demonstrate.


For an Ambient Entertainment Permit, please click here.
Ambient Entertainment Permits are annually issued for restaurants seeking to provide indoor ambient entertainment in zoned districts where entertainment is permitted or conditional use. Venue occupancy must be less than 299 people, volume levels which do not interfere with normal conversation, and venue is open from 10:00 am to 12:00 midnight, 7 days a week. For a map of zoned districts, please click here for North Beach regulations; please click here for South Beach regulations.

Please call 305.673.7577 if you have any questions.

Thank you for choosing the City of Miami Beach for your event.