Special Events Permits in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Application and Registration
    Applicants must submit an online application no later than 60 days prior to load-in date of events on public property or 30 days prior to load-in date for events on private commercial property.
  2. Application Fee
    There is a $258 application fee, to register for a Non-profit, applicants may request a waiver of application fees by submitting a written request for the few waiver and profit of current 501(c)3, 990 and/or tax exemption status. Late applications are subject to a $258 late fee.  Applications received less than 14 days prior to load-in date for event will not be accepted.
  3. Site Plan/Route
    Applicants must submit a detailed site plan (computer-aided design - CAD preferred), drawn to scale, illustrating all event elements, dimensions and area features. The site plan will determine the level of City staffing, services and permits required including, but not limited to, Police, Fire, Building, Transportation and Sanitation departments.
  4. Community Approval
    Applicants must provide signed approvals from  affected properties and present the details of the event before a publicly noticed monthly Community Review Meeting.
  5. Final requirements
    14 days prior to load-in date of event, all essential application requirements are due. This includes, but is not limited to, insurance, indemnity, permit fee, security deposit and any event specific requirements, as determined in Step 3. Late submissions are subject to late fees.