FEMA Project Notification

Per 44 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) Part 9.12, a final public notice must be posted for projects that will take place in or affect a floodplain or wetland.

This notice refers to Final Public Notice-PA 4337-05570 PN 65566 – for repairs performed at the Miami Beach Convention Center in response to Hurricane Irma. (PA-04-FL-4337-PW-05570 PN 65566)

This notice refers to Project #36932, for repairs to the lifeguard stations due to damage from Hurricane Irma (PA-04-FL-4337-PW-06600)

This notice refers to Project #30042 for Fire Station 2, for repairs due to hurricane damage (Hurricane Irma (DR4337-FL PW05439).

This notice refers to Project #PN 37520 for the Venetian Causeway Watermain Repair project.

Physical notification is also posted in the vicinity of each project.