Homeland Security


Evacuation Assistance

Social Security Check Recipients

The U.S. Department of the Treasury advises Social Security check recipients who live in hurricane prone areas to switch to direct deposit to ensure seamless delivery of their federal benefit payments in the days following a hurricane or severe weather event. People who receive federal benefits by check in the mail can switch to direct deposit by calling the Go Direct helpline at 1.800.333.1795 (English and Espanol), signing up online at www.godirect.org (English) and www.directoasucuenta.org (en Espanol) or visiting their local bank or credit union.

Man-made Threats

We can’t rule out the possibility of threats other than natural catastrophes. Disasters can also be caused by human beings, and pose a threat to our quality of life, our safety, and our economic sustainability. These emergencies include hazardous material spills, radiological emergencies, power disruption, civil unrest in various forms and cyber-attacks.
City of Miami Beach government prepares year-round for these kinds of threats through training, drills and pre-established procedures to deal with the threats. Planning is key to protecting life safety and property.

  • Have a plan, including a communications plan;
  • Build your emergency preparedness kits so you can sustain yourself and those closest to you for at least a week
  • Stay informed about developing situations and the location of assistance and safety.
    There are many action plans and checklists available on the internet. A keyword search for topics such as “disaster preparedness” and “emergency kit” will take you to sites such as ready.gov and emergency.cdc.gov, for example. Most of these sites offer similar advice about tactics you can use to best prepare and keep your family safe.