Adopt a Brick

Are you looking for a creative way to celebrate a special occasion or acknowledge a loved one?

The City of Miami Beach has established an Adopt-A-Brick Program, providing individuals or entities the ability to commemorate or honor family, friends, or special events by adopting a brick at the 26th Street Beachwalk entrance.

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Where along the beachwalk can I place a commemorative brick?
At this moment, bricks can only be placed at the 26th Street Beachwalk entrance.

Can I select any of the brick at the 26th Street Entrance?
Only the peach-colored perimeter bricks that abut the concrete edge are eligible for commemorative inscription.

How many words fit on a brick?
Each brick can have a maximum of four rows of text with a maximum of 21 letters per row.

What is the size of the brick?
The brick is 4″ x 8″.

How soon would the commemorative paver be installed?
The pavers would be installed within 2 – 3 months of full payment.

How much does is cost?
The brick paver donation is $1,500.

How can I pay?
Please create an account with us at this link: After you have submitted your application, we will add the fee to your account and the donation can be paid electronically.