Muss Park

4300 Chase Avenue  •  Miami Beach, FL 33140  •  P: 305.673.7205 

Previously 2,000 square feet, the Muss Park pavilion was constructed to attain LEED gold-certification and is now double its original size. The communal complex features a brand-new office, warming kitchen, storage space, bathrooms and drinking fountains. Equipping park users with a practical activity space, rain or shine, the facility’s large four-fold doors allow the pavilion to operate as both an open-air or air-conditioned space. The handicap-accessible picnic table area and playground further complement the space, providing people of all abilities an opportunity to enjoy the park. Circling the large playing field, the new concrete walkways, updated fencing, fresh swing sets, landscaping and irrigation upgrades add to the park’s functionality and aesthetic. Additionally, the new handicap-accessible playgrounds are separated based on age level, serving as a dedicated space for children ages two through five and five to twelve.

Park Hours of Operations
Monday – Sunday: Sunrise – Sunset

Programming Hours of Operations
Monday – Friday: 9 AM – 6 PM