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Miami Beach Business Academy

The City of Miami Beach is pleased to present the Miami Beach Business Academy.

A free, virtual, and technical assistance program to assist and build the capacity of small businesses and entrepreneurs. These monthly sessions will be conducted in English and Spanish, and explore topics such as growth strategy analysis, best practices, business continuity, access to capital, and communications, marketing and digital presence and how to access the one-on-one business mentoring sessions.


  • Operations & Capacity (Best Practices)

  • How to Access Capital

    Is your business in need of financing? Do you know if you’re financially ready to request a loan? Please join us for our seminar where we will go over what banks look for when qualifying potential loans and join us to learn what steps you should be taking in order to prepare yourself and your business for accessing capital.

  • Digital Marketing on Social Media

    Have you been trying to promote your business on social media but feel like you’re getting nowhere? Learn successful digital marketing strategies to optimize the use of your social media account and generate positive results for your small business.

  • Growth & Strategy

    Do you feel like you’ve reached a plateau in your business? Do you want to keep growing your business but don’t know if it’s sustainable? Learn strategies to help you grow your business effectively and sustainably step by step.

  • Online Business & E-Commerce

    Being able to sell your product or service online has never been more important. During the pandemic, many established businesses had to re-invent themselves and find ways to deliver their services online. Join us today and we’ll explore topics on how to begin an online business or add online services to your existing businesses.


  • Operaciones y Capacidad (Mejores Prácticas)

  • Cómo Obtener Financiamiento Para Su Negocio

    ¿Su negocio necesita financiación? ¿Sabe si está financieramente preparado para solicitar un préstamo? Inscribase a nuestro seminario donde repasaremos lo que buscan los bancos al calificar préstamos potenciales e inscríbase para aprender qué pasos debe tomar para prepararse usted y su negocio para acceder capital.

  • Estrategias de Mercadeo Digital en las Redes Sociales

    ¿Invierte tiempo publicando sobre su negocio en las redes sociales y no logra resultados favorables? Aprenda estrategias exitosas de mercadeo digital para optimizar el uso de sus redes sociales y generar resultados positivos para su negocio.

  • Estrategias de Crecimiento de su Negocio

    ¿Está listo para expandir su negocio, pero no está seguro de que sea sostenible? Conozca estrategias para crecer paso a paso de manera efectiva y duradera.

  • Negocios en Línea y Comercio Electrónico

    Ser capaz de vender su producto o servicio en línea nunca ha sido más importante. Durante la pandemia, muchas empresas establecidas tuvieron que reinventarse y encontrar formas de ofrecer sus servicios en línea. Registrase hoy y exploraremos temas sobre cómo iniciar un negocio en línea o agregar servicios en línea a sus negocios existentes.

Is your business ready for an emergency? We offer a 24-hour course to equip employees with skills that enable them to perform basic disaster response operations in an emergency using the FEMA CERT Basic Training curriculum.

Call 305.673.7736 or email DEM@miamibeachfl.gov to register your staff. 

The Code Compliance Department is responsible for maintaining the community’s quality of life by seeking compliance with certain provisions contained in the City of Miami Beach Code of Laws and Ordinances. The public is encouraged to report potential violations by phone to Code Compliance Dispatch, available 24/7 by calling 305.604.CITY (2489). Below are some common violations you can avoid.

Every commercial business is required to contract with a private solid waste company to remove garbage and debris. The frequency of service should be sufficient to ensure the business area is clean at all times.

Abandoned properties are those not properly maintained, left unprotected from the elements, and/or left unsecured. A vacant property is defined as being without a lawful occupant or without a certificate of occupancy. Every owner of a vacant building, structure or lot shall keep the premises in a clean and sanitary condition. property maintenance/lot clearance violations are issued to vacant properties that are not maintained. These violations stay open and are monitored for a period of one year. If they are not corrected in a timely manner, the city will hire a contractor to cut and clean the vacant lot and the invoice for the service will be issued to the property owner.

The City is served by two solid waste franchisees. For more information, call the City of Miami Beach Sanitation Department at 305.673.7616.

The distribution of commercial newsletters, flyers, posters, cards, stickers, etc... on vehicles, light poles, bus benches and public property are prohibited and carry expensive fines and penalties. In addition, commercial handbills that result in litter can also result in code compliance violations. For more information, call the Division of Code Compliance at 305.673.7555.

The City of Miami Beach has implemented a noise ordinance that regulates "unreasonable, unnecessary, excessive and unusual noises." The Noise Ordinance was designed to protect the residential quality of life, while maintaining the unique characteristics of our vibrant city. Unreasonably loud, excessive, unnecessary, or unusual noise will result in a violation of the ordinance, and possibly a fine if not promptly remedied. A warning and fine schedule is applied to violations of the ordinance. Special restrictions also apply during construction. Please refer to Section 46-152 of the City's code, or contact the Division of Code Compliance at 305.673.7555 for more information.

Zoning violations address violations of the Land Use Regulations in the City Code. The Zoning codes are interpreted by the Planning and Zoning Director and enforced by the Code Compliance Department. Each part of the City has a zoning designation (such as single family residential, multifamily residential, commercial, etc.). The Land Use Regulations identify what type of activity and buildings are permitted in each zone. A use, which is not permitted, must be discontinued permanently or until a variance may be requested from the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Vacation/short-term rentals (less than six months and one day) have become popular alternatives to traditional hotels. However, pursuant to the Miami Beach City Code (Sec 142-1111) and City Code (Sec 142-905 (b)), vacation/short-term rentals are prohibited in all single-family homes and in many multi-family housing buildings in certain zoning districts of Miami Beach.

Approved vacation/short-term rentals have the proper authorization and zoning approval for this activity including a Business Tax Receipt and Resort Tax account. Pursuant to the Miami Beach City Code (Sec 102-386) vacation/short-term rentals that are permitted in certain zoning districts of Miami Beach shall provide and conspicuously display the City-issued Business Tax Receipt number and the Resort Tax certificate number in every advertisement or listing of any type in connection with the rental of the residential property.

Vacation Short-Term Rentals >

Per Florida Elevator Safety Code, Chapter 61C-5, Rule 61C-5.006(5) – Certificate of Operation renewal is the responsibility of the elevator owner or lessee, when owner responsibilities are specifically assigned by lease. It is the owner’s responsibility to make certain that any and all violations are complied with and annual fees paid to ensure that the Certificate of Operation is not delayed!

The Elevator Safety Division inspectors conduct complaint investigations; private elevator inspector oversight; accident follow-up; on-site safety inspections; and monitor licensees. Elevator Safety Division inspectors and pre-registered inspectors perform the required annual inspections and witnessing of tests. Only Certified Elevator Inspectors possessing Qualified Elevator Inspector (QEI) credential registered with the DBPR/Bureau of Elevators and pre-registered with the City of Miami Beach are able to conduct elevator inspections.

All residents should be advised that under the City of Miami Beach Code, the illegal disposal of garden trash, tree and shrubbery trash as well as special handling trash is a violation of the city code. Violations may result in the issuance of citations. Anyone caught illegally dumping will be billed for all trash/waste removal charges, including labor, equipment and dumping fees in addition to an administrative fee. Interest will accrue at 10% per annum until paid as provided by the City Code. Unpaid charges may result in a lien placed upon your property. The Code Compliance Department is the enforcement arm to Chapter 90 – Solid Waste of the City Code of Laws and Ordinances. These violations include but are not limited to recycling, waste hauling companies failing to remove all trash, allowing trash and garbage to overflow in a container, can or dumpster, missing lid on garbage containers, trash collection outside of specified hours, illegal disposal of garbage, trash or industrial and bulky waste, biohazardous materials or creation of a health hazard or nuisance .


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