About Us

The Office of Organization Development Performance Initiatives (ODPI) was created to focus on performance excellence by increasing the organization’s ability to learn, adapt, and excel within a constantly changing environment, and focus the organization on the customer by aligning the work and performance of team members on the City’s identified strategic outcomes.  Organization Development was originally created in 2001.  This area was recently expanded to include performance initiatives.

Office Initiatives:

  • Support the City’s change to a performance excellence culture by supporting the training on performance measure, aligning Citywide strategic plans and departmental work plans, using the plans to drive strategic initiatives that improve performance, and promoting management and organization familiarity and understanding of these
  • Monitor customer service in City departments through service shopper surveys and provide timely results to departments
  • Pursue additional efficiencies, cost savings, and revenue enhancements through performance initiative reviews, etc
  • Provide training programs to City departments to enhance employee performance
  • Enhance learning opportunities for youth through our Education Compact

Performance Initiatives
Service Shopper Program 
Cleanliness Index Program 
Appearance Index Program 

Professional Development
Citywide Training Plan
eLearning Required Courses:  The City now has eLearning asynchronous technology courses, created in house,  available to staff through our learning management system. The required courses are: Ethics, Ethics Regulatory, Teambuilding, Customer Service, Diversity, and Sexual Harassment

Internship Procedures
Internship Procedure