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Drug Prevention Series

A series of substance abuse and prevention workshop programs for parents/guardians and children provided by The City of Miami Beach through a partnership with Family Recovery Specialist.

Be in the Know

Drug Prevention and Intervention for Parents/Guardians of Teens.

Este informado

Prevencion e intervencion de drogas para padres y guardianes de adolescentes

COVID's Impact on Mental Health in Teen and Young Adults

Brain Development and Why Kids need Limits and Boundaries

Vaping, THC, Alcohol: the most common substances used by teenagers and young adults

Adolescent/Young Adult Brain Development

El Desarrollo del Cerebro de los Adolescentes

The Dangers of Marijuana: Potency and ingestion methods

Los Peligros de la Marihuana: Potencia y métodos de ingerirla

Taking Care of our Kids' Mental Health

Cuidar la Salud Mental de Nuestros Hijos

The Effective Communication and Boundary Setting with Teens and Young Adults

Comunicarse Eficazmente y Fijar Límites con los Adolescentes y Adultos Jóvenes 

El Rol de las Redes Sociales en el Desarrollo de Nuestros Hijos