More Introduction

The Public Works Department is a large, full service organization providing planning, design, construction, maintenance and repair, and operation of City infrastructure, including utility systems and right of ways. The Department is also responsible for the City’s cleanliness, and manages the solid waste collection and disposal program.  The Department is represented by a multitude of professional, semi-professional and licensed disciplines working in Administration, Engineering, Water Distribution, Sewer Collection, Stormwater Management, Streets and Street Lighting and Sanitation Divisions. The Public Works Department was designated as an Accredited Public Works Agency by the American Public Works Agency in May 2007 and re-accredited in June 2011.  The American Public Works Association notes that such accreditation provides formal recognition of acceptance by the Public Works Department of concepts of continuous improvement and official verification of the department’s compliance with recommended policies, procedures and practices established in the Public Works Management Practices Manual.

The Engineering Division performs design and drafting for plans and prepares specifications for improvements to the City’s infrastructure. The division maintains engineering and utility records including inspections of the City’s bridges, seawalls, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water, and street lighting systems. The survey team within the division provides surveys, legal descriptions, construction layouts, line and grade for water and sewer, streets, streetlights, and storm water improvements. The division also issues utility construction permits, reviews Planning and Zoning Board issues and also conducts building plans reviews.

The Water and Sewer Divisions maintain water distribution system and sanitary sewer pumping stations; supplies potable water and collects waste water in the City and neighboring cities; cleans and maintains water storage tanks, water and sanitary sewer lines, appurtenances, and subaqueous crossings, fire hydrants, water service lines and meters and valves; and performs reading and servicing of water meters. This division also manages the utility warehouse operation. The divisions are also responsible for the collection of water samples and compliance with EPA, HRS and DERM requirements.

The Storm Water Utility Division manages and controls discharges from City’s storm water system. This division is responsible for maintaining storm water lines; cleaning catch basins and pump stations to reduce and eliminate polluted storm water run-off; complying with National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit requirements; and relieving flooding conditions.

The Streets and Streetlights Division repairs, replaces and maintains City streets, bridges, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, seawalls, streetlight poles, fixtures, cables and transformers.

The Greenspace Management Division provides the grounds design, installation and maintenance service at all designated properties including: the gateways to the City, all municipal building, parking facilities, dunes, medians, swales and landscape areas.

The Sanitation Division is responsible for the collection and disposal of residential garbage, trash and refuse generated at municipal buildings; the residential recycling program; sanitation inspections; street sweeping on public right-of-ways and collection and disposal of litter from public litter bins.   Collection and disposal services for residential garbage, as well as residential recycling, are provided by a private hauler on contract with the City.  Mobile and manual street sweeping and litter control programs are provided by the City.


” We are dedicated to providing effective and efficient public works services and maintaining the City infrastructure to ensure the safety, health and well being of all who live, work, and play in our vibrant, tropical, historic community.  “