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Building Inspections

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    Inspections may be requested, canceled, or re-scheduled via the Civic Access portal. 

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    Download the how-to guide to assist with this process.

IMPORTANT: If you are neither the contractor nor the owner, you must be added to each permit for which you seek access to.  To be added to a permit, you must submit a notarized letter from the contractor or the owner giving you consent to be added as a contact.

Inspections are performed Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Although we attempt to accommodate requested dates for inspections, the inspection may not be scheduled that day.  The actual scheduled date of inspection may take 1-2 business days from the requested date. We recommend logging into Civic Access portal to verify the scheduled date. Then, on the day the inspection has been scheduled, verify the route.

Building Inspections
About Inspections

Due to inspection routes being reordered during the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 8:15 a.m., it is best to verify the order of inspection after that time. If you cannot find your inspection after these hours, most likely it is not scheduled for that day.

Click here to view inspection routes.

Jobs, which value exceeds $5,000, require a recorded Notice of Commencement (NOC).  NOCs can be recorded by the Building Department’s Records Management section or at the Miami-Dade County Recorder’s office.  However, it does not apply to the repair or replacement of an existing heating or air conditioning system less than $15,000.00 in value. Download and print a blank NOC form.

Inspectors shall activate Body Cameras during all inspections.

The Building Department is allowing virtual inspections for certain inspection types.  View the complete list of virtual inspections allowed and the procedures to follow.

When requesting a Virtual Inspection via the Civic Access portal, please enter the word "VIRTUAL" along with your email address within the Comments/Gate Code field.

Virtual Inspection

The following are required for inspection:

  • The approved job copy of the plans and documents. Drawings must be printed to a full-size print per the original drawing size. For example, if a drawing file was set during design at 24″x36″, then a full-size print of that file would be 24″x36”. Files must not reduce scaling at the time of print.  Ex: Original size Arch D (24" x 36") files must be printed to size Arch D (24" x 36") paper."
  • Permit Card
  • Recorded Notice of Commencement
  • Property address must be properly posted and visible from the street
  • The job to be inspected must be accessible
  • An OSHA-approved ladder must be available if needed

For each inspection, that is failed by an inspector more than two times, a $200 fee shall be assessed to the permit.

A fine of $500.00 will be imposed on all concealed work pursuant to Section 8-CC of the Miami-Dade County, FL Code of Ordinances. For the first repeat violation, the amount of the civil penalty shall be double the amount of penalty prescribed for the original violation. Read more about concealed work without the required inspections.

Applicant must submit a letter on company letterhead requesting the overtime inspection to the Building Official. The letter must contain the following information:

  • Date, and time requested for the inspection
  • Type of inspection
  • Permit number and Jobsite Address
  • Reason for the overtime inspection
  • Name and phone number of the company representative to be present at the job site
  • Signed and notarized by the qualifier

Fees are $250 per trade. Applicant will receive an invoice which must be paid in full prior to the inspection. Fees may be paid online:

Note: Requests must be submitted 24 hours prior to the requested date of inspection. The company representative must be present at the job site for the inspection.

Please submit your request via email to: buildingadmin@miamibeachfl.gov

Or in-person at:
City of Miami Beach City Hall
Building Department, Second Floor
1700 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, Florida 33139

Inspector Contact Information

Inspectors may be contacted Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 8:15 AM.
Phone: 305.673.7610 Extensions are listed below.


James Bartell

Sr. Building Inspector
Ext. 26410

Reinhold Guzman

Sr. Building Inspector
Ext. 26312

Jorge Laffitte

Sr. Building Inspector
Ext. 26916

Oscar Valladares

Building Inspector
Ext. 26092

Ray Burke

Building Inspector

Jorge Alvarez Acosta

Building Inspector
Ext. 26092

Hector Hernandez

Building Inspector
Ext. 26111


Jaime Reyes

Chief Electrical Inspector
Ext. 26461

Diego Martinez

Sr. Electrical Inspector
Ext. 26730

Omar Monzon

Sr. Electrical Inspector
Ext. 24390

Jose Arencibia

Sr. Electrical Inspector
Ext. 26344

John Ardila

Electrical Inspector
Ext. 26659


Martha McNicholas

Acting Mechanical Chief
Ext. 26548

Joshua Davis

Mechanical Inspector
Ext. 26207

John Ramirez

Mechanical Inspector
Ext. 26529

Teresa Cata

Mechanical Inspector
Ext. 26485


James Zeigler

Chief Plumbing Inspector
Ext. 26742

Rafael Ojeda

Sr. Plumbing Inspector
Ext. 26384

Lazaro Rodriguez

Sr. Plumbing Inspector
Ext. 26774

Rohan Hall

Plumbing Inspector
Ext. 26080


James Bartell

Sr. Building Inspector
Ext. 26410

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