Private Provider Information

Private Provider Defined

Defined as a person licensed as an engineer under Chapter 471 or as an architect under Chapter 481. A Private provider also includes a person who holds a standard certificate under part XII of Chapter 468 who may perform inspections for additions and alterations that are limited to 1,000 square feet or less of residential buildings. 

Procedures for Applying

The applicant of a Private Provider submittal must follow these guidelines:

Initial Permit Submittal
Private Provider will provide a document outlining the specific digital files already submitted and currently in review at the Building Department. Private Provider will refer to the document type (i.e. Architectural drawings) and will refer to the digital signature name/date

  • Private Provider will submit this document directly to City of Miami Beach  using Citizen Self Service(CSS) when the permit drawings are uploaded by the plan’s expediter or designee.
  • This document can also be uploaded directly to the system if the Private Provider is the one submitting the permit documents to City of Miami Beach.

Approved Plans
Private provider will provide the department’s Plan Compliance Affidavit along with a set of drawings being approved. The list of drawings described in the affidavit will include sheet names, latest revision number, and the digital signature name/date.

Note:  Providing the Affidavit authorizing submittal of scanned plans and construction documents in lieu of digital signed and sealed set is satisfactory. If the document is DIGITALLY signed and sealed per the City of Miami Beach digital signature guidelines, it does not require a notary signature.

Private Provider Information

Required Forms

All required Private Provider forms are located within the Forms page under the heading "Application".