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Building Permitting Checklists

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_Permit Application Submittal Checklist
As-Built (Record Set) Revisions
Commercial – Condominium Online Flooring (Interior flooring only; No bathroom/balcony)
Commercial Air Conditioning Alteration
Commercial Air Conditioning Exact Change Out – OTC (No Duct work)
Commercial Air Conditioning New
Commercial Alteration
Commercial Alterations (w/Phased)
Commercial Awnings
Commercial Carport/Trellis/Pergola
Commercial Certificate of Occupancy Update
Commercial Chickee Huts
Commercial Concrete Restoration
Commercial Curb Adaptor for Roof Top Unit
Commercial Curtain Walls/Storefronts/Glass Glazing
Commercial Deck/Pavers
Commercial Demolition Total Demolition Only
Commercial Driveway/Approach
Commercial Electrical Alteration
Commercial Electrical Demolition
Commercial Electrical Low Voltage
Commercial Electrical New
Commercial Electrical Sign
Commercial Electrical Temporary Power
Commercial Fence/Vehicular Gates
Commercial Flood Barrier
Commercial Flooring (Use for flooring outside and in bathroom)
Commercial Generator Alteration
Commercial Generator New
Commercial Hurricane Emergency Repair
Commercial Interior Alteration – Single Unit (No Structural, No exterior work
Commercial Louvers
Commercial Marine (includes Condominiums/Apartment Buildings)
Commercial Mechanical – Stand for Roof Top Equipment
Commercial Mechanical Alteration
Commercial Mechanical Demolition
Commercial Mechanical Fuel Gas/Boiler
Commercial Mechanical Hood
Commercial Mechanical New
Commercial Minor Repair (Less than $5,000)
Commercial New
Commercial New (w/ Phased)
Commercial Photovoltaic – Alteration
Commercial Photovoltaic – Charging Station
Commercial Photovoltaic – New
Commercial Plumbing Alternations
Commercial Plumbing Fuel Gas/Boiler
Commercial Plumbing Irrigation
Commercial Plumbing New
Commercial Plumbing Pool Piping
Commercial Plumbing Site Work
Commercial Plumbing Well
Commercial Pool Alterations
Commercial Pool Finishing
Commercial Pool Lifts
Commercial Pool New
Commercial Railings
Commercial Roofing Gutter/Downspout
Commercial Roofing New/Re-Roof
Commercial Roofing Waterproofing
Commercial Screen Enclosures
Commercial Shoring
Commercial Shutters
Commercial Sign (Illuminated – Monument/Free standing structures)
Commercial Sign (Non-Illuminated)
Commercial Soil Improvement
Commercial Stairs
Commercial Steel Structure
Commercial Stucco Repair
Commercial Walk-in Coolers
Commercial Windows/Doors
Condominium Interior Alteration (No Structural)
Expired Permits/Renewals/Cancellations/Changes/Abandoned Permits
Fire – Occupant Load
Fire – Special Special Events
Fire Alarm
Fire Hood Suppression System
Fire Sprinkler System
General Revisions
Residential – New Air Conditioning
Residential Addition
Residential Air Conditioning – Exact Change Out – OTC (No Duct work)
Residential Alteration
Residential Alteration – Air Conditioning
Residential Alteration (w/Phased)
Residential Awnings
Residential Carport/Trellis/Pergola
Residential Chickee Huts
Residential Curb Adaptor for Roof Top Unit
Residential Curtain Walls/Storefronts/Glass Glazing
Residential Deck/Pavers
Residential Demolition
Residential Doors/Solid & Garage Doors
Residential Driveway/Approach
Residential Electrical – Alteration
Residential Electrical – Demolition
Residential Electrical – New
Residential Electrical – Temporary Power
Residential Fence
Residential Flood Barrier
Residential Generator – Alteration
Residential Generator – New
Residential Hurricane Emergency Repair of an existing permitted item(s)
Residential Louvers
Residential Marine
Residential Marine (1&2 Family)
Residential Mechanical – Alteration
Residential Mechanical – Duct
Residential Mechanical – New
Residential Mechanical – Stand for Roof Top Equipment
Residential Minor Repairs (Less than $5,000) Repair of Existing Permitted item(s)
Residential New
Residential New (w/Phased)
Residential Photovoltaic – Alteration
Residential Photovoltaic – Charging Station
Residential Photovoltaic – New
Residential Plumbing – Alteration
Residential Plumbing – Fuel Gas
Residential Plumbing – Irrigation
Residential Plumbing – New
Residential Plumbing – Pool Piping
Residential Plumbing – Site Work
Residential Pool Alteration
Residential Pool Finishing
Residential Pool Lifts
Residential Pool New
Residential Railings (For glass railings use glass glazing permit type)
Residential Roofing – Gutter/Downspout
Residential Roofing – New/Re-Roof
Residential Roofing – Waterproofing
Residential Screen Enclosure
Residential Shoring
Residential Shutters
Residential Soil Improvement
Residential Stairs
Residential Steel Structure
Residential Stucco Repair
Residential Windows and Doors
Shop Drawing – Post Tension
Shop Drawing – Railings
Shop Drawing – Shutters
Shop Drawing – Trusse
Shop Drawings – Floor Joist
Shop Drawings – Other
Special Event (Temporary Structure) Mechanical – A/C
Special Event (Temporary Structure) Plumbing
Special Event (Temporary Structure) Structures
Special Event Review Bleachers
Special Event Review Platform
Special Event Review Stages
Special Event Review Structures
Special Event Review Tents
Special Event Review Trusses
Temporary for Construction – Commercial Electrical
Temporary for Construction – Commercial Mechanical
Temporary for Construction – Residential Electrical
Temporary for Construction – Residential Mechanical