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Building Violations

The Violations Section of the Building Department serves to ensure that communities are safe by identifying construction that is done without permits.  Work done without permits may jeopardize life safety due to faulty electrical work, poor construction, blocked exits, etc.  This section also safeguards the public by enforcing certification of buildings making sure they are safe to live in.

Safety First


The Violations Section focuses on the following areas of concern:

Stop Work Order is issued when there is active construction without a permit.  Therefore, the work must stop immediately, and the owner of the property must obtain an approved permit from the Building Department.

Notice of Violation is issued when there is evidence that past construction has been completed without a permit.

Failure to comply with a Stop Work Order/Notice of Violation will result in a citation being issued in the amount of $500.00.

At the time of application, a penalty of double the permit fee and a $500.00 fine (for the first offense) will be imposed. The applicant must refer to the violation number that was issued when applying for their permit.  The citation fee will be doubled if failure to comply occurs a second time.

Violations that require the owner to obtain a permit, will be given a period of 30 days to start the permitting process. Violations will be closed once a permit has been approved and inspections have been finalized.  If a permit obtained to comply with a violation expires, a Notice of Violation for an unsafe structure will be issued.

If it is determined that the number of days given to comply is not enough, an extension may be requested by the violator before the compliance date. The request must be made in writing and submitted by mail, or e-mail to buildingviolations@miamibeachfl.gov .

For additional assistance with a Building Department violation, please call 305.673.7610 and select option 7.

Violations that are issued for unsafe structures will be given a period of two (2) or three (3) days to secure the structure. If the owner has not complied within the allotted time given, the city will proceed to secure the property and all charges incurred by the City will be assessed to the property owner as a lien.

Once the compliance date is due and no action is taken, the case is sent to the Special Master Office and no further action can be taken by the Violations Section. The violator will need to contact the Office of the City Clerk, Special Master Section at 305.673.7000 ext. 26228 or ext. 26508.

Please be notified that starting on May 2, 2024, all Special Magistrate hearings will take place in person at the Third Floor Commission Chamber in City Hall.

Notify Us

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To file a complaint related to a construction site and/or work being done without a permit, please call 305.673.7610, extension 22585. You may also send an email to buildingviolations@miamibeachfl.gov, or log on to the City of Miami Beach's New Request/Complaint website.

Open Violations/Expired Permits

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You may view open violations and expired permits via the Citizen Self Service (CSS) portal.  Expired permits issued between 1990 and 04/26/2016 are available through Permits Search Dashboard.

A public records request may also be made via the Records Management page.

Civic Access is a next-generation service site for permitting, planning, business tax receipts, and code compliance. Submit your request online and check back for the status of your permit application, and building plan, or even request an inspection.

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The City of Miami Beach Building Department is committed to providing the highest quality services to our community by uniformly enforcing building codes in a timely manner, continuously improving through innovation and streamlining services, collaborating with city departments, and improving our professional competencies.