Pedestrians And Bicycles

More people are riding bikes and walking around Miami Beach than ever before. Approximately 45% of our city residents, commuters, and tourists currently walk, bike or use transit as their primary means of transportation. This means that Miami Beach has one of the most robust bicycle scenes in South Florida and active transportation plays a key role in the life of our residents and visitors. City leadership is committed to supporting transportation choices. On March 18, 2015, City Commission adopted a progressive mode share that puts pedestrians first, transit/bicycles/freight second, and private vehicles third (corridor based). The City of Miami Beach Transportation Master Plan (TMP) was built around these priorities.

Mode Share Hierarchy

Bicycle Registration

The purpose of this program is to reduce the number of bicycles stolen and assist the police in the recovery of stolen bicycles. For FREE bicycle registration, City of Miami Beach residents should visit

Short-Term Bicycle Parking

Short-term bicycle parking is usually defined as two hours or less in duration, such as might be necessary outside a store, or for visitors to an office building, park, library, or government service center. In addition to serving the most basic goal of providing a place for people to lock their bikes, short-term bicycle parking has numerous benefits, including enhancing the overall streetscape of an area, and increasing foot traffic resulting in potentially increased profits for retail businesses. Over 900 bicycle u-racks citywide are available for purposes of short-term bicycle parking.

Bicycle Parking: Existing Conditions

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To report an issue with inverted U-rack or request installation of a new one please use our Contact Form.

Long-Term Bicycle Parking and Bike Repair Stations

Long-term bicycle parking implies that the bicyclist is parking the bike all day, overnight, or for an extended duration. Security, protection from the elements, and convenience are all important factors for effective long-term parking. Currently, six (6) City’s parking garages provide for free long-term bicycle parking facility, including bicycle repair stations. Bicycle repair stations are context-sensitive stands that include all the tools necessary to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance, from changing a flat tire to adjusting brakes and derailleurs, and are designed to handle all types of bicycles. The air pump includes a pressure gauge which ensures proper inflation pressures. Hanging the bike from the hanger arms allows the pedals and wheels to spin freely while making necessary adjustments. Users can easily scan the code on the station with their smartphone to access a variety of tutorials on how to perform bike repairs.

Garages providing for long-term bicycle parking, bike repair station and associated bicycle parking capacity at each is listed below:

  • G3 at 1301 Collins Avenue - 14 spaces
  • G4 at 1557 Washington Avenue - 6 spaces
  • G5 at 640 17th Street - 65 spaces
  • G6 at 400 West 42 Street - 9 spaces
  • G7 at 1755 Meridian Avenue - 14 spaces
  • G9 at 1661 Pennsylvania Avenue - 5 spaces

Additional bike repair stations are also available throughout the City at the following locations:

  • Beachwalk at South Pointe Park
  • Lummus Park Ocean Drive/5 Street
  • Washington Avenue/11 Street
  • Jefferson Avenue/11 Street
  • Ocean Drive Beachwalk by 14 Street
  • Venetian Way/Island Avenue East
  • Collins Avenue/22 Street bus stop
  • Beachwalk at 30 Street
  • Alton Road/41 Street bus stop
  • Beachwalk at 46 Street
  • Allison Park/Collins Avenue and 65 Street
  • 71 Street/Biarritz Avenue bus stop
  • Ocean Terrace/73 Street
  • Harding Avenue/72 Street bus stop


Please use an interactive map below to locate the closest facility:

Bike Network

The Transportation Department has pursued the implementation of green bicycle lanes as part of a growing bicycle network. There have been seven projects completed totaling 31,000 linear feet for bike lanes on both sides of the road in the following neighborhoods:

  • Venetian Causeway between Purdy Avenue and N Bayshore Drive
  • 16 Street between West Avenue and Collins Avenue
  • Alton Road between 5 Street and South Pointe Drive
  • South Pointe Drive between Alton Road and Ocean Drive
  • Ocean Drive between South Pointe Drive and 5 Street
  • Prairie Avenue between W 34 Street and W 44 Street
  • Royal Palm Avenue between W 43 Street and W 47 Street
  • W 47 Street between Alton Road and Pine Tree Drive
  • Dickens Avenue between 71 Street and 79 Street
  • Byron Avenue between 82 Street and 89 Street