Flood Insurance

Miami Beach Saves You Money on Flood Insurance

The City of Miami Beach is committed to increasing flood awareness and helping residents stay safe and protect their homes. Miami Beach has also been able to increase flood insurance premium savings citywide. The Community Rating System (CRS) of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), is a voluntary program allowing communities to earn flood insurance discounts based on the City’s overall rating score and property characteristics.

Miami Beach pursued an aggressive goal to improve its CRS ranking from a Class 6 to a Class 5 and was officially awarded the new score in 2019. As a result, new policies and renewals after May 1, 2019 can save 5% more on flood insurance premiums in comparison with last year. This translates into nearly $2 million in new savings citywide. While most properties qualify for the discount, please contact your flood insurance agent to discuss your flood insurance policy detailsMiami Beach has participated in the CRS program for many years. We now receive a 25% discount, that totals $8.4 million in savings.  This helps offset increasing federal rates.

FEMA’s Class 5 certification letter can be viewed hereExamine the flood zone maps using Miami-Dade County’s interactive web tool, and read this fact sheet for more information on flood insurance.

Protect your Property with Flood Insurance

93% of buildings in Miami Beach are located in a Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA) as mapped by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Because of this, flood insurance is required for federally back mortgages, and recommended for all properties. FEMA’s detailed digital flood hazard maps reflect current flood risks for Miami Beach. The maps, also referred to as Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs), illustrate flood hazards throughout the Miami-Dade County and are used when determining flood insurance policy rates.  View the Flood Zone Maps using Miami-Dade County’s interactive web tool. Once you navigate to this web tool, enter your address to view the map for your area. For confirmation of your property’s official flood zone designation, call 305.673.7610, or call your insurance agent.  Homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover damages and losses due to flooding. The City of Miami Beach participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) that makes flood insurance available to everyone in the City. We strongly urge you to buy flood insurance to protect yourself from a devastating loss.  Information about flood insurance policies should be available to you through your insurance agent. Call your insurance agent now so that you will be prepared for future events. Do not wait for a disaster. Keep in mind there is a standard 30-day waiting period, from the date of purchase, before a new flood policy goes into effect.

The Adaptation Calculator

The Adaptation Calculator is an online tool to help you visualize the relationship between your property and your street by telling you if, and how many inches, the road will be elevated to reduce flood risk, keeping in mind there will be a gradual slope harmonizing an elevation with your private property.  This is useful to help you understand right-of-way construction while considering your own personal property needs.  http://gis.miamibeachfl.gov/calculator.  Please note that accurate user data entry is important to produce a correct report.  Please contact the City’s GIS Team 305.673.7000 with any questions.

The Cost of Flood Insurance

The National Flood Insurance Program distributes letters to policy holders regarding property flood risk and how flood risk will impact what they pay for flood insurance.  For some, having an Elevation Certificate may lead to lower flood insurance costs immediately or in the future.  The following link provides letters that NFIP policyholders will be receiving each year, starting January 2017: https://www.fema.gov/cost-flood-policyholders.