Citywide Scooter/Motorcycle Parking Permit

In order to continue promoting the City of Miami Beach as a “Green City,” the City Commission established the following parking incentive for residents that own motorcycles and scooters.
  • Citywide Parking Permit for $137 (tax included) a year (only valid at designated scooter and motorcycle municipal parking spaces).
Where to apply?
City of Miami Beach
1755 Meridian Avenue, Suite 100
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Required documents to apply for permit (must present all three (3) required documents):
  • A valid photo ID issued by local, state or federal agency (Driver’s License, Passport)
  • Florida vehicle registration belonging to the person requesting the permit.
  • Valid proof of residency
    • Utility bill (FPL, phone, gas, cable)
    • Cell phone bill
    • Bank statement
    • Credit card statement
    • Vehicle insurance bill
    • Mortgage statement
    • Property tax statement
    • Voter registration (issued within the last 30 days)
  • Completed Citywide Scooter/Motorcycle Parking Permit Application
  • Designated scooter and motorcycle municipal parking spaces are marked with proper signage. Please familiarize yourself with the signs below.

Parking signage showing where motorcycles and scooters can and cannot park in the City of Miami Beach.