Boards & Committees Parking Permit

Board and Committee Members eligible for a citywide parking permit, need to provide their appointment letter and completed City of Miami Beach Board & Committee City Wide Permit Application, provided to them by the City Clerk’s Office; this is also applicable when a Board & Committee member needs to be reappointed for a new term.  Please note that your license plate will now serve as your parking permit meaning that an officer with an LPR device will read your license plate number and confirm its status (valid/invalid).  Therefore, you will no longer be issued a permit to affix to your windshield.

It is extremely important that our records reflect the most current and accurate information regarding your vehicle, as inaccurate and/or outdated vehicle information in our LPR database may lead to the issuance of parking citation(s), including the towing of your vehicle.

Should your vehicle information change in the future, please contact James Marlowe at: 305.673.7000 ext: 26882 immediately, so that he can update the records.

All Board and Committees appointees must visit the City Clerks office before coming to the Parking Department to obtain their Citywide Permit. Please click here for further information.