Garage and Parking Lot Monthly Permit

A limited amount of Parking Garage and Parking Lot Monthly Permits are available for residents and non-residents in the City of Miami Beach. There is currently a waiting list for all Parking Garage and Parking Lot Monthly Permits. To place your name on the waiting list, please call 305.673.7000 x6200. The availability of monthly passes is based on location. For monthly permits availability, please call 305.673.7275.

Municipal Lots are $70.00 plus tax ($74.90 total) per month.
G1- $107.00 (Non-resident rate) $80.25 (Resident rate)
G2- $107.00 (Non-resident rate) $74.90 (Resident rate)
G3-$107.00 (Non-resident rate) $74.90 (Resident rate)
G4-$107.00 (Resident & Non-Resident rate)
G5-$107.00 (Non-resident rate) $74.90 (Resident rate)
G6-$74.90 (Non-resident and Resident rate)
G7-$107.00 (Non-resident rate) $74.90 (Resident rate)
G8- $133.25 (Resident & Non-Resident rate)
G9-$107.00 (Non-resident rate) $74.90 (Resident rate)
G10-$107.00 (Non-resident rate) $74.90 (Resident rate)

Parking Garage and Lot Locator Interactive Map