A Safe And Healthful Workplace


It is the policy of the City of Miami Beach that Safety is of prime importance. There is no substitute for the “Safe Way”, and no excuse for not doing a job the “Safe Way”. In your work you are required to follow the safety rules in effect and wear the safety equipment which is provided.

However, accidents do happen occasionally and if you are injured on the job and in the performance of your duties, and can not work because of this injury, you may receive Worker’s Compensation pay in accordance with State Law. In addition, if you follow the proper procedures in reporting an accident, getting medical treatment, and did not violate any safety rules or regulations, the City may supplement your pay to bring you up to full salary according to union contract or city ordinance. The Risk Management office is located on the third floor of City Hall. They welcome and encourage any suggestions you may have about safety and can answer your questions about Worker’s Compensation and other related areas.