Special Awards Program


All classified and unclassified employees who make major contributions may be eligible for Special  City Awards to be granted annually.

ONE TEAM, ONE CITY AWARD: For a team consisting of two or more persons (not necessarily within the same department) working together in a collaborative effort to accomplish one of the City’s key intended outcomes.

BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY AWARD: for an employee whose brave, compassionate or human act(s) went above  and beyond the scope of normal employment duties.

CITY BETTERMENT AWARD: For an employee who contributed to the betterment of a Department’s  or the City’s operations by developing  new methods, procedures, ideas or suggestions that resulted in enhancement  of safety, the savings of time, labor and/or  money to the City.

 CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARD: For an employee whose extraordinary customer service at work exceeded expectations and which has been witnessed and documented.