Annual And Sick Leave

Employees are eligible for leave after six months of continuous full-time or part-time employment, or upon completion of the initial probationary period.
Annual leave may be used for vacation time and personal business. Regular part-time classified and part-time unclassified employees accumulate prorated hours for annual and sick leave, This is earned on a bi-weekly basis. Regular classified and unclassified full-time employees accumulate 96 hours annual leave and 96 hours sick leave per year during the first ten years of employment.

Annual leave increases as follows: after ten years of full-time service, employees accumulate 136 hours of leave per year; after 20 years of full-time service, employees accumulate 176 hours of leave per year.  At the end of each payroll year, employees will be allowed no more than 500* hours of vacation (annual) leave to be accrued.  Any hours in excess of this maximum will be forfeited on the first pay period ending in January.  (*Annual maximums may be higher or lower as defined in respective union contracts.)  Sick leave accruals do not increase.
(Fire and Police Union personnel should refer to the respective union contracts.)