The City’s attendance policy is covered in the Work Rules.If you have any questions regarding these Work Rules, please do not hesitate to ask your supervisor or call the Human Resources Department for Clarification. If you are going to be late or absent from work because of illness or an emergency you must call your supervisor as soon as possible so that he or she can make arrangements to cover your duties. Unless you call within one hour of the beginning of your work day or in accordance with your departmental rules, you are subject to being charged with ‘Absent Without Leave’ (AWOL) for the time you are away from work.

If you come in over one hour late without prior arrangement, you may be charged AWOL in addition to being sent home. For more details on the specific rules regarding absences from work, reporting absences, rest periods, use of City property, tools and uniforms, refer to your department or Human Resources. Remember that others are counting on your being at your work station regularly and on time. If unpredictable events cause you to be late or absent, just let your supervisor know!