The Personnel Board

The Personnel Board approves, disapproves, and amends the classification plan, the Personnel Rules, and qualifications to be met by applicants for a classified position. The Board has the authority to see that the provisions of the Civil Service Act and the Personnel Rules are carried out in a fair and proper manner. The Board hears appeals on performance appraisals and cases of disciplinary action. It investigates and makes recommendations concerning various other Human Resources matters.

Meetings are open to all employees, with permission from their supervisors, and the general public.

The Personnel Board is comprised of six Miami Beach citizens appointed by the City Commission and three employee members elected by the Probationary and Regular employees of the City. Each employee member is elected by Classified employees consisting of the following groups:

  • Group I: employees of the Police Department, Fire Department and Beach Patrol;
  • Group II: employees who are in clerical and supervisory positions, and
  • Group III: all other Classified employees.

The Human Resources Director acts as City Liaison to the Personnel Board.

Any employee that wishes to place an item on the Personnel Board’s agenda, must email the request to ten (10) business days prior to the next Board meeting.