Welcome Aboard

Dear New Employee:

I am pleased you have chosen to join us in a career of public service with the City of Miami Beach. It is a significant and honorable career, because local government is that level of
public service closest to the people.

We, as City employees, play personal roles in the quality of customer service the public receives from the City. Your performance, attitude, and appearance directly shape the relationships that the public, both citizens and visitors alike, have with city government.

Competence and courtesy are the keys to shaping a pleasant and productive relationship. They are also essential ingredients in our “City Family”. As members of that “family”, we must help each other do the job that the public expects of all of us; in other words, we must treat our co-workers with the same respect and dignity we give to our customers. Not one of us can do the job alone.

This handbook is designed to acquaint you better with our City. It will also help you get started on the right path and understand what the City expects of you and what you can expect from the City. I suggest you study it closely and share it with your family and friends who also benefit from your career with the City.

Because you are important to our team effort, we are concerned with your welfare. If you have questions or concerns regarding your work or personal matters, please share them with those who may be able to help–your supervisor or the Human Resources Department.

Congratulations on joining us! Welcome to the service of our community as a proud member of the Miami Beach City Government.