Disciplinary Actions And Appeals


AFSCME, CWA, FOP, GSA and IAFF bargaining unit employees with regular status may appeal a disciplinary action through the Grievance Procedure. Employees are encouraged to review their Collective Bargaining Agreement prior to filing a grievance in order to familiarize themselves with the process and deadlines. Grievance Forms are available on the Fish Tank under the Labor Relations section of the Human Resources webpage.

Employees who are under the “others” wage label, who have attained regular status, may appeal any disciplinary action to the Personnel Board by filing a written request within ten (10) calendar days after the disciplinary action has been served. Employees who do their jobs well and conduct themselves reputably, both on and off the job, need have little concern about disciplinary action. The following list contains common, but not all, grounds for disciplinary action including dismissal, demotion, or suspension.

  • Conviction of a serious offense
  • Acts of disgraceful conduct unbecoming a City employee while on or off duty
  • Insubordination or violation of any official order or regulation
  • Imbibing, or being under the influence of intoxicants or narcotics, while on duty or while wearing a City-furnished uniform, whether on or off duty
  • Possession, using, dispensing or selling any illegal drug or controlled substance not prescribed by a licensed physician whether on or off duty
  • Use or possession of alcohol during duty hours
  • Offensive and/or disgraceful conduct or language
  • Negligent or willful damage, waste or theft of City property
  • Incompetence or inefficiency
  • Habitual tardiness or absenteeism, or absence without leave
  • Use of political influence in securing promotion, leave of absence, transfer or change of class, pay or character of work
  • Violation of the Personnel Rules, Work Rules, or department rules
  • A false statement on employment application or related pre-employment papers; falsification of time records or daily report logs