Your Pay


You receive your paycheck bi-weekly, every other Friday, for the days worked and leave taken through the previous Sunday. As a new probationary employee, you begin at the minimum rate established for your classification. Salary increases are granted annually based on performance and increased proficiency until you reach the maximum of your classification.

Salary Ordinances | City of Miami Beach (

QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR PAY: Your Department Payroll Coordinator processes the payroll for everyone within your department. If you have any questions associated with your paycheck, ask your Payroll Coordinator who will get assistance from Human Resources or Finance on issues they cannot clarify themselves.

LONGEVITY: (FOP, AND IAFF Employees only) After completing seven years of service with the City, you automatically receive a 2 1/2% longevity increase; after 10 years an additional 2 1/2%; after 15 years another 2 1/2%; after 20 years an additional 2 1/2%; and after 25 years 1% for a total of 11%. These increases are computed on your base salary.