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Building Forms

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_Permit Application Submittal Checklist
3 Times Review Meeting Request Form
Affidavit in Lieu of the Construction Parking Management Plan (CPMP)
Air Conditioning Change Out Data Form
Annual Certification for Regular and Routine Maintenance of Structural Integrity
As Built Signature Form
Building Recertification – Building Parking Lot Guardrails
Building Recertification – Building Parking Lot Illumination
Building Recertification – Electrical
Building Recertification – Structural
Building Recertification – Structural and Electrical Instruction Guide
Certification Of Compliance With Parking Lot Guardrails
Certification Of Compliance With Parking Lot Illumination
Certification of Flue Vents present during Re-roofing
Chain Link Fence – Details
Change of Architect/Engineer Form
Checklist for Short Rental Conversion from R2 to R1
CO-CC Request Form
Construction Cost Affidavit
Construction Parking Management Plan (CPMP Form)
Covenant in Lieu of Unity of Title
Elevation Certificate
Expedited Overtime Inspections Request (Information)
Expedited Plans Review Request
Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) Fee Schedule
Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) Permit Application
Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) Plan Review Checklist
Field Electrical Inspection Approval
Field Structural Inspection Approval
Fire Penetration Affidavit
Floodproofing Certificate
Flooring Permit Affidavit (Form)
GC Residential Pre-construction Occupancy Agreement
Grouping of Folio Numbers
Hurricane Mitigation Affidavit
HVHZ A-B, D Metal Pages
HVHZ Built up Roofing (BUR) Section C System Page
HVHZ BUR-Coping Insulated Deck
HVHZ BUR-Drip Edge Concrete Deck
HVHZ BUR-Drip Edge Insulated Deck
HVHZ BUR-Drip Edge Nailable Deck
HVHZ BUR-Parapet Wall Flashing Insulated Deck
HVHZ BUR-Parapet Wall Flashing Nailable Deck
HVHZ BUR-Parapet Wall Overflow Scupper
HVHZ BUR-Parapet Wall Scupper
HVHZ BUR-Plumbing Vent
HVHZ Commercial Re-roof Statement
HVHZ E-Tile Calcs
HVHZ LAR Section A-B Page
HVHZ LAR-Section C Page
HVHZ Metal Room System D
HVHZ Section A-B Pages
HVHZ Shingle-AB-D Pages
HVHZ Single Ply Membrane (SPM)- Section C System Page
HVHZ SPF-Drip Edge
HVHZ SPF-Parapet Wall Coping
HVHZ SPF-Parapet Wall Flashing
HVHZ SPF-Parapet Wall Scupper
HVHZ SPF-Plumbing Vent
HVHZ SPF-Roof Drain
HVHZ SPF-Section C System Page
HVHZ SPF-Support Flashing
HVHZ SPM-Edge Metal
HVHZ SPM-Laminated Edge Metal
HVHZ SPM-Parapet Wall Coping
HVHZ SPM-Parapet Wall Flashing
HVHZ SPM-Parapet Wall Overflow Scupper
HVHZ SPM-Parapet Wall Overflow Scupper
HVHZ SPM-Parapet Wall Scupper
HVHZ Tile Roof Systems A-B, D, E
HVHZ Tile Roof Systems D, E
HVHZ Tile-D Roof System
HVHZ Wood Shake-Shingle D
HVHZ-Section C2 System Page
LWIC Special Inspector Report
National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Construction Site Erosion and Sedimentation Control
Notice of Commencement Form (NOC)
Notice to Owner – Workers’ Compensation Insurance Exemption
Opinion of Title
Owner Pre-construction Occupancy Agreement
Owner-Builder Affidavit Form (Disclosure Statement)
Owner’s Acknowledgement Form
Owner’s Notification Form
Owner’s Affidavit for Tenant Permit Form
Permit Application
Permit Application Checklist
Permit Cancellation Request Form
Permit Fee Refund Request Form
Permit Review Waiver
Phased Permits Information
Phased Permits Packet
Phased Permits-Indemnity and Hold Harmless Form
Private Provider Acknowledgement
Private Provider Compliance Form
Private Provider Notice to Building Official
Private Provider Packet
Private Provider Plan Review Affidavit
Private Provider Pre-Construction Meeting
Private Provider Residential Pre-construction Occupancy Agreement
Private Provider Statement of Inspection
Private Provider Submittal Checklist
Public Pool Resurfacing-Modifications Affidavit
Roof to Wall Connection Compliance Affidavit
Roofing Inspection Report (RIR) Form
Roofing Permit Package
Rooftop Equipment Affidavit
ROW Permit Application FY22-23
Sediment and Erosion Control Affidavit
Selective Coordination Requirements for Plans Review
Sewer Allocation Letter
Sheathing Nailing Affidavit
Signature Report (Blank) for Architects and Interior Designers
Signature Report (Blank) for Engineers
Signature Report (Blank) for Surveyors and Mappers
Special Events Permit Package
Special Inspector Form
Special Inspector Form
Special Inspector Notice for Special Events
Special Inspector Notice for Threshold Buildings
Standard Masonry Fence Wall – Details
Statement of No Change – Architect
Statement of No Change – Engineer
Stock and Train Request Form
Stormwater Utility Fee Calculation Worksheet
Swimming Pool Safety Act Form-Residential Form
TCO-TCC Extension Request Form
TCO-TCC Request Form
Temp for Test
Temporary Structure Form
Uniform Notice of a Low-Voltage Alarm System Project
Unity of Title (Corporate Owner)
Unity of Title (Individual Owner)
Unsafe 30.60.90 Compliance Agreement Form
Wind Resistance Design and Installation of Mechanical Equipment
Window Door Notice (Information)
Wood Fence – Details